Things that make the Tributo a tribute to former Ferrari’s

Discussion in '458 Italia/488/F8' started by buddyg, Apr 4, 2020.

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    So obviously the lexan engine cover is a tribute to the F40, the four round taillights go back to the original 308 mid engine car.

    Are there other things I’m missing?
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    Originally and according to Ferrari, the car doesn’t earn its name as a tribute to former Ferrari cars, although it incorporates stylistic cues from past models.

    It’s supposed to pay homage to the V8 engine itself, once the one you find at the back of the F8 is the most powerful ever that came out of the Maranello factory.

    Nevertheless, addressing your question, here’s what I’ve got:

    - S duct (488 Pista)
    - Engine window (F40)
    - Double tail lights (F430)
    - Rear spoiler (308)

    Although I love the F8 and I am a notoriously nostalgic person, I’d like to end on a personal and philosophical note if I may:

    I once read that revivalism in terms of design is the ultimate proof of lack of creativity. You’ve failed to come up with something new that impacts your generation, so you have to borrow cues from other drawings, designs, persons and eras.

    Of course bringing up heritage is a great marketing strategy. But if all the models listed above in which the F8 inspires itself had gone the same way the F8 did, that is looking back instead building from the ground up, they wouldn’t have been the design icons they ended up being (F40, 308, etc). Of course it’s OK to base yourself in the past to build for instance, lets say, a mood board. But not the end product.

    There is of course a limit to creativity. There comes a point where there’s nothing new under the sun and the new “new” is reinventing the past and little else.

    I don’t have an answer, nor I believe we can definitely arrive at one, but it’s a debate that I quite enjoy.

    Kind regards,


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