Thinking about relocating to Tucson or Phoeniz Area

Discussion in 'Arizona & New Mexico' started by rsrx, Aug 5, 2004.

  1. rsrx

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    Dec 11, 2003
    Encinitas, CA
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    Hello Arizona,
    My wife and I are thinking about relocation to Arizona, we are looking in the Tucson and Phoenix areas.

    Tucson: I've been told to stay out of the South Tucson area. I have heard that Oro Valley is nice.

    Phoenix: Scottsdale is nice..where else is a nice place to live?


    Los Angeles, California
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  3. jeff

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    Feb 19, 2001
    North America
    Do a search on this site. Someone asked the same question a couple of months ago and you'll get some good background. BUT, you may not be aware that the Phoenix area is the fastest growing city in the USA. Because of that, the real estate market is changing day by day here. This equates to rising prices every week.

    I lived in the Los Angeles area(Manhattan Beach and Palos Verdes Estates) for 25 years and got used to the high prices. Some areas of Phoenix are getting like LA when it comes to prices. I live in Scottsdale. It's a very nice area but by no means is it THE place to live. New build is becoming difficult to buy. Lotteries to buy a house are now common. Builders are selling unbuilt houses 2 years in advance. Toll Brothers, a builder here, had a lottery to get into a lottery. Pricing is about $400 a sq foot for new build. I have seen HOA's as high as $900 a month. Golf membership at Troon Country Club is now $275K to join.

    As an alternative, new housing is available in the West Valley of Phoenix. You can buy a new 5 bedroom home for $150K. The West Valley is like Palmdale in LA.

    My advise is get an agent here and spend at least a month looking at homes before you pack your bags.
  4. MY355

    MY355 Formula Junior

    Feb 4, 2004
    NYC and AZ
    Scottsdale is prime real estate and exclusive.(everyone knows this,not quite as private as the ones mentioned below)Lots of fine dining, cultural events,night clubs in the central to lower north areas.The north east areas are much larger properties that are secluded.

    Awatuki is prime also and secluded south of south mountain (awesome community)A self contain culture of mostly white collar and executives and business owners. "A bit more my style" Not quite as "preppy"

    Paridise Valley is like a country club (beautiful and lots of property for a dream home) "This is big bucks and usually the 3rd generation of very wealthy people"

    Biltmore Estates in Phoenix (the ONLY place in Phoenix that is like a five star restaurant,the rest boasts "Denny's") Similar to Paridise Valley IMO.Very nice people.

    Lastly the north west valley Arrowhead Estates is beautiful and growing and great bang for the buck although I prefer the east valley.i HAVE A FEW FRIENDS THERE AND OWN TWO INVESTMET PROPERTIES THERE.Heck you could purchase one if you'd like 1800 sq.ft and 2200sq.ft both are new homes in a new community.(contact me if your interested.

    All of these areas I would look at drive thru and see the home 1st before settling in to a your home .
  5. 356racing

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    Sep 24, 2004
    Paradise Valley, AZ
    I just found this site after V12 Ferrari's have been calling me as of late. It should be linked to the AZ department of tourism with all of the relocation questions :) I'll throw my .02 in for fun. I'm not a big Tucson fan but if I was to live there it would definitely be in the Sabino Canyon area. There are lots of wonderful places to live Phoenix depending on where/if you work and what your budget is for a home. I live in Paradise Valley because I don't want to look into my neighbors windows, my office is just a couple of minutes away in the Biltmore, police service is excellent, and the airport is just 20 minutes away. If I was retired or worked from home North Scottsdale would be a nice place to settle and you can get a nice place for 500K to a million. My company works on master planned communities all over the state and there are some really nice communities in the development stages now with housing in the 200K-600K range, if you didn't mind a commute. Best of luck, you'll love 9 months out of the year!
  6. Storm-Rider

    Storm-Rider Karting

    Nov 7, 2003
    Those are all nice areas in which to live, and I would pick any of them over Tucson, but if Tucson, I agree that the Sabino Canyon (Northeast Tucson) area is great. I don't have much familarity of Biltmore, but I used to live in Tempe, and have visited in Paradise Valley and Fountain Hills. All A-1.
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  8. Desert Dude

    Desert Dude Rookie

    May 28, 2004
    My wife is a realtor and can be of considerable help, if you are interested?
    Susan Perlow
    West USA

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