Thoughts on a F12 in these colors.

Discussion in 'FF/Lusso/F12/812S' started by 2006m5, Jan 5, 2021.

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    Exactly. Sporting. Standout well done.

    But perhaps expected on a special V8? Not red tan or black black which are less dramatic. There’s room on your ex specials for a touch more red I think. Red headliner in alcantara.

    Same with red carpets. A touch. Just enough or maybe a little more.

    The real question to the OP is if you have to ask others opinions you don’t love it. So many cool specs to choose from. I love red interior choices and admire those done tastefully. I believe they will age well and the 20 yo F12s like those above will be sought after. Of course most here will not be keeping that long.

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    Below is another view of the passenger side. You can see the red alcantara headliner just peeking through in this picture. There are options that you see and feel everyday when you drive a car, and those are typically the most rewarding ones to choose as an owner IMHO. I learned of this type of thinking from a rude, but intelligent Porsche salesperson years ago when speccing my first Porsche.

    For carpets though, I am on the "carpets get screwed up too easily" line of thinking so black feels right.


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