Throwback Thursday for Linking Interesting but VERY DEAD discussion Items...

Discussion in '348/355' started by Robb, Dec 24, 2020.

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    We don't generally close threads after a certain time because there may be a (rare, but) good reason to bump old threads with new content. For example, in the case of a DIY threads, perhaps someone comes up with a new twist on repair methods or sees a new failure mode or a better way to solve an issue.

    In the case of picture threads, there are easily 8-10 or so that laud the appearance, styling, design, lines, etc of many models across many sections.

    Bottom line, do not bump a long dead thread here without relevant new input or good reason. It’s considered trolling the front page and padding a post count which is annoying to mods and members. If a user finds a long, dead and buried really old thread (like 3-20 years old) that they really like and think others would like too, then congratulations... This Throwback Thursday thread is where you can add a hyperlink so others can see what you find interesting.

    This is ideal when there is nothing new or relevant to add to an old thread but cool for those that have never taken the 6 months or so to go through every thread in the 348/355 section on Fchat like I or many of you have done.

    The mods and your fellow users look forward to this being a top viewed thread over time. Bring your favorite oldies and goodies to link here. We’ll make it a sticky for a while...

    One of mine:

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