"Tipo-A" Daytonas?

Discussion in 'Vintage (thru 365 GTC4)' started by opus10583, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Zarathustra

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    Gary Robinson
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    Read Jim Weed's full article in the FML, as he comes to the conclusion Tipo-A cars were designated for homologation purposes with changes just to the lights.
    But he also concludes Tipo-A should be only pop-up Euro and UK cars.

    Maybe Giovanni (the plate-stamper) just had too much grappa for lunch that day in 1971 and came back and pounded out 14521's plate... sbagliato...

    Are there any other USA Type-As out there?
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  3. gcalex

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    Having pondered the "A" question during my own search, I think it likely that people read too much into it. My final take after looking at all the things people cite, is:

    1) Ferrari probably had to redo paper work to certify cars in markets that originally got the plexi front; a new designation of "A" would make sense.
    2) USA market never got the plexi front in any numbers, and in any case, if Ferrari changed the designation, they probably would have had to do a much more expensive recert than they would have desired to; no new designation likely in USA cars, regardless of spec.
    3) Hard to know if changes to things like chassis-structures were uniformly applied to all markets, but things like door reinforcements seem to show up in later Euros.
    4) I doubt that there is any question that Euros had/have a little more HP; the exhaust headers alone would do it.
    5) I think a lot of heads have been "decked" to up the compression, but it is hard to know if the factory ever did this systematically, or it is just the result of may engine rebuilds over the years.
    6) The characters on those engine-compartment plates can vary in odd ways; no way to know if this is because of factory carelessness, or random replacements over the years (Kilimanjaro must sell those blank plates to someone... :)); reality is likely a mixture of both.

    Regarding 14521, I'd put my money on it being a "typo".

    Me? I just went with buying a Euro with the "A", so I could get the nice headers, while still keeping the car as original as possible..
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  4. Drew Altemara

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    Drew Altemara
    I’ve read the Weed article and generally agree with it.

    The one thing that should be pointed out is that Euro cars (generally Type A) have a less restrictive exhaust and I believe slightly different jetting.

    I doubt it makes a lot of difference.

    I have owned a 72 USA version and currently have a 73 Euro Type A. Hard to tell a difference in performance.

    I would bet there is more variability car to car than USA vs. Euro Type A.

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  5. Zarathustra

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    May 7, 2006
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    Gary Robinson
    Cathy Roush just informed me 14521 is the only USA Tipo-A in their database.
    Like those rare, vintage coins that are mis-stamped and are worth crazy money, I'll bet 14521 must be worth at least an extra 1000 lira.
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  6. turbo-joe

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    romano schwabel
    italian or turkish lira? ;)
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