Tire installation in Monmouth/Middlesex NJ

Discussion in 'New York Tri-State' started by CoreyNJ, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. CoreyNJ

    CoreyNJ Formula Junior

    Apr 17, 2006
    New Jersey Shore
    When the "season" ends I want to install new tires on my car. I'm a little afraid with the carbon ceramic brakes to just go to my local tire shop. Any recommendations for a place to get tires that is reasonably priced and not worry about the mechanic chipping or cracking my rotors?

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  3. staatsof

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    Mar 13, 2005
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    A bit of a hike for you but Eurotire in Fairfield has always done well for me. But the brother Chris is no longer there. He's off in racing full time the last time I checked. Don't bother getting wheels refinished via them because all of their vendors suck. They told me that! They're as frustrated as I am.

    Anyone who's got a better vendor for alignments and tire/wheel work please post them up. I've been working with them for 25 years and so far nobody else ...
  4. Ferrarium

    Ferrarium F1 Rookie
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    Jul 28, 2018
    Central NJ
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    Remove them and take the wheels in separately?
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  5. CoreyNJ

    CoreyNJ Formula Junior

    Apr 17, 2006
    New Jersey Shore
    That will be my fall-back, though if I need to do that I'll wait till I get my rims re-ball polished this winter since I will have to put the car onto the track rims that I have to do that... I was hoping for a simple drive over, put the tires on while I wait for it and drive back home.
  6. PhilB

    PhilB Formula 3
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    Feb 17, 2004
    NYC, USA
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    I recently needed new tires for my 355. After some research and talking to the local shops, I bought the tires from TireRack and had them ship them to a mobile installer on their website. Contacted the mobile installer and made an appointment with them. I was curious how this would work out since I never went this route before.

    They brought the tires on a truck full of equipment to my house, arrived on time, and in about an hour removed the old tires, mounted the new ones, balanced and installed right in front of me. They used low profile racing jacks to lift the entire side of the car (not just lift the front or back), some plastic "shoes" to hold the wheels without damaging them on the mounting machine, and were very careful and courteous.

    No dropping the car off and wondering if it's leaving the shop for joy rides, no waiting in the lobby or waiting area, no hearing some nonsense BS from the HS drop out tech who's doing the work and trying to up sell you nitrogen or some other thing you don't need. Granted, the 355 doesn't have TPS sensors, it's more or less basic old time tech but to have it done right in front of me as I watched like a hawk - worth it.

    My neighbor with a classic 'Vette watched, was astounded and did the same thing 2 weeks later.

    Disclaimer: No affiliation, just a pleased customer. The installer I used did not have a road force balancing machine on the mobile truck, that may be important to you, it wasn't to me.
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  8. Diablo

    Diablo Formula Junior

    I would say call FCNJ. The have really low labor prices compared to some Dealerships in the area. I cant believe the labor rate was only $199 vs the others that are well over $269.

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