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Discussion in 'Arizona & New Mexico' started by frefan, Apr 2, 2005.

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    Apr 21, 2004
    FYI I just had my 360 tires replaced at Big-O tires in Reno, NV on Mae Ann blvd. and now here to report they did an excellent job. I was very paraniod about it, watched their every move, and I can't imagine anyone doing a finer job.

    Everything went very smooth -- They had my tires in stock. They cleared out a huge bay and lifted the car only with floor jacks and one a time. They allow me to drive car into/out of bay. They had the euro tire changer that doesn't touch the rims. As it turned out they said the Michelin Pilot sport tires on the stock 18" wheels were a lot easier than some of the subaru wheels/tires they do all the time. Tires were spin balanced using special adapter that goes through lug holes. After they placed weigths they suggested a trick they do with another porsche customer, to place a 4" piece of duct tape over weights to ensure they never come off (because you just don't know where that weight is going when it flys off at 150+). They knew the proper tire pressure (36/34). Wheels where replaced one at a time and hand torqued to 100lbs. A manager (Eric) supervised the entire event.

    No broken body parts, no scratches, no bent rims, not all the horror stories I was expecting.

    2 hours and $1400 later I was on my way.

    So if you live here I recommend giving them a try if you're looking. I don't recommend going there on a Saturday morning, better to try weekdays around 10am.

    If you're passing through (ala Rampage) and need a tire shop in a pinch, go to Big-O on Mae Ann (Hiway 80 and McArran, then go north past Starbucks).

    Ask for Eric


    PS. I tried to tip him but he wouldn't take it
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