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    Nov 1, 2003
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    Today at the Pelican Hills Public Golf Course in Newport Beach, California about forty drivers of Italian cars met. We were there to support a fundraiser for diabetes. The head of the event drives a Ferrari. Two years ago when this started, it appeared a good idea to invite Ferrari drivers. Why? Remember this is a fundraiser; a silent auction and a live one. Over thirty California wineries gave the crowd of over four hundred a sample of their wares. The snacks were quite good: cheese, bread, and other things. Also, everyone likes to be around Ferrari people.

    In the silent auction, my wife brought a metal skier holding her bottle. That was nice.

    Near the end of the live auction, the door-prize numbers were called. The second one was a stainless steel bar-b-que. BINGO! The delivery is tomorrow.

    Ok, so how was your weekend?
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