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Tonight at Ferrari of Orange County

Discussion in 'California (Southern)' started by Bart, Dec 11, 2003.

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  1. Bart

    Bart Formula 3

    Nov 1, 2003
    Orange County, Calif
    Full Name:
    My wife and I attended the open house at FoOC. The food was great. It was my dinner. The drinks were OK. Wine! They had the Orange Enzo there. Someone told me it is the color of the F1 car. I said but it is Orange. He said that on TV it looks red. Ok if you say so.

    They had a 360 Starade but no Maranello inside. Bummer.

    I met John & his wife Donna, and Robert. All are chatters here. There were many others that I knew their face but not their name. Even my wife had a good time.

    The only problem was the mechanics were the valet parkers. That is cool. They know how to drive. What happen when we were leaving is most of the keys looked alike and it was a mess trying to get your car. It was funny and all took it in stride.
  2. Tipo815

    Tipo815 F1 Rookie

    Nov 1, 2003
    Newport Beach, CA
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    Bart - I was there with my girlfriend. Unfortunately, we did not meet any Ferrarichat people. I thought that would happen. We should have come up with some kind of way to find each other. We arrived a little late - around 8pm in a yellow 355. Anyway, hope you can make it to Crystal Cove on Saturday. We could always say hello there!
  3. ag512bbi

    ag512bbi F1 Veteran
    Owner Silver Subscribed

    Nov 8, 2003
    So. Cal
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    My wife and I were there. We had a great time. I also didn't meet any FERRARICHAT members. I wish I would have.....
  4. EVartanian

    EVartanian Formula 3

    Mar 19, 2002
    Sunny SoCal
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    Damn, I had a feeling the orange Enzo would show--mainly the reason I wanted to go, I had already seen the Quattroporte and the new showroom. Was the Quattroporte a dark blue by the way?

    Anyway, the stupid news people called for rain and my dad and I didn't feel like sittting in wonderful 405 traffic for an hour in the rain (we'd have to come from the South Bay).

    Bart, from what I understand, the orange Enzo is Rosso Dino which is a much truer orange than the F1 cars' Rosso Scuderia (which is kinda like a brighter Rosso Corsa with a slight hint of orange). But, they do use it for TV reasons, as you stated. Either for that or to match the Malboro colors--I've heard both reasons, I'm not sure.
  5. Bart

    Bart Formula 3

    Nov 1, 2003
    Orange County, Calif
    Full Name:
    Gee, you believe in the weatherman! You did miss a fun time. Sorry you missed it.
  6. ewright

    ewright Formula Junior
    Rossa Subscribed

    Nov 17, 2003
    i had the same problem in that i recognized some faces from crystal cove but wasnt sure how to spot fellow ferrari chat members. next time we should devise some way of identifying each other. either way, it was a great time, food was pretty good as several have mentioned. hopefully i will see most of you at crystal cove tommorow morning.

  7. addixion

    addixion Rookie

    Dec 2, 2003
    Had a good time meeting a couple of you there...I finally got to see the Enzo I've heard so much about!

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