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Discussion in 'British' started by Longstone Tyres, Dec 6, 2018.

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    Hi chaps.

    I have been banned from the TR and MG forums for some of the comments i made about putting horribly wide tyres on these ace little cars and spoiling the handling so hopefully if any of you go on these forums you might like to spread the word.

    We have a special offer on the Michelin 165SR15 XZX tyres that a lot of you chaps like to fit.

    Set of 5 -


    set of 4 -

    Personally i would fit Michelin XAS or Pirelli Cinturato as they are H rated and more sports car minded, however i think these XZX are the next best thing, and if you don't press on too hard these are a lovely tyre for more gentle use and of course you get Michelin's fantastic build quality.

    Please take advantage while we have t he offer on and spread the word

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