Track day noise levels

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    truth teller
    they recently lower it to 92db. lift + shift all the way to the left side wouldn't help now. damn it , those people buy house near race track and complain about the noise.
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    Sep 6, 2013
    Since I live close to the Hockenheimring (7miles) I was curious about the maximum noise level. It's 98db.
    In former years I could hear the F1 cars through the open windows (and see them on TV).
    The noise limit on the Nürburgring is 130db!!! but Jim's SGC003 was still too loud.
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    I was short shifting the Scud and cruising with no problems at Laguna Seca today but on my second session I kept my foot in it a small amount as I was letting an M3 go by. I got the meatball flag. Scared the heck out of me. I was looking for leaks, high temps and tires rubbing.

    4th gear @7000 rpms =. 95.3.

    I cruised by there next session and skipped the last one with “Trackmasters “. Good time at the track. Image Unavailable, Please Login

    I wonder how the 488 did out there today— he went by me easily a couple times.
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    You can't possibly be serious.
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    Steve Bisel
    I know of many tracks that limit the sound level. I recently learned that Lime Rock is 88 db. That sounds ridiculously low, but one has to take into account the location of the detection device. Regardless of that, for many virtually stock vehicles, when you have full throttle the exhaust bypass valves are generally open and it is quite possible that the car is too loud (e.g., a 458) and it gets flagged.

    I have been having a discussion with a gentleman who makes what he calls, the Track Nanny. This device is made to work on Porsche motorcars and it is a GPS based device that opens and closes the car's exhaust bypass valves based on the GPS location of the track noise monitors. For example ... open valves in those areas where noise is not monitored and closed valves where noise is monitored. Image Unavailable, Please Login

    Very cool concept and it seems to have a following in the Porsche community. As many of you know, many Porsche's have the PSE option which provides a degree of manual control over the exhaust bypass valves. Ferrari's do not have this user interface.

    I reached out to the designer of this device asking him if it could be used in conjunction with the Forza Controller and he has indicated that he believes he can interface to the Forza controller to engage the Always Closed mode and the Always Open mode (or Normal mode) with the GPS feature of Track Nanny.

    I do not have any business affiliation with Track Nanny and if anyone is interested in reaching out to him, send me a PM.


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    Simon Tibbett
    That’s an awful idea and a way to burn tracks. Tracks have noise limits to get along with the neighbors and city laws. Finding ways to avoid playing fair hurts everyone in the long run all around. Many tracks also move these devices around and don’t tell you where they’re at.

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    I was at Laguna Seca a few years ago for some racing classes and I seem to recall the cars did have mufflers. The cars were open wheel cars with small displacement so I was surprised about the mufflers.
    Then last year a went to a big Porsche event in September and all the cars were running wide open. So loud that the bridge to the infield would shake when the large displacement cars went under. So evidently at least at Laguna there are times when the noise restrictions are waived.
    Kind of interesting that the track was there way before there was any housing. Why they would put up scale housing next to a race track is beyond me or why anyone who was not in love with racing would buy there?:rolleyes:
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    Simon Tibbett
    They get some waivers for some events. I know IMSA not sure what else.

    That’s the story for most tracks. Developers build knowing they’ll complain after. Road Atlanta has been dealing with that for years now.

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