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Discussion in 'New England' started by enjoythemusic, Feb 7, 2008.

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    Ok guys, the 2008 schedule is up for COMSCC. Have tracked my Ferrari with them and also the open wheel Formula 2000. This is HPDE and they provide instructors at no charge to those who are new at tracking their car.

    Nice group of guys, organized track events, good flag staff, nice crowd. Day 1 is the usual multiple 20 and perhaps a few 30 minute on track sessions. Day 2 is usually 2 track sessions, with then there being very safe 'time trials', and if time permitting at end of day more open track time. They provide free instructors for newcomers (students) to help you learn the basics. Of course experienced track drivers have the ability to track with like-experienced drivers.

    This is an EXCELLENT way to learn and have fun at the track. Others cars that have attended COMSCC events include vintage Alfa, amazing ATOM, Ferraris, Factory 5, WRX, Miata, Corvette, open wheel Formula 2000, Indy car, etc. Would be great to have more Ferrari / Lambo owners realize their car's potential and enhance your driving abilities at proper track speeds.

    Those seeking to WATCH RACING locally should check out the SCCA schedule for CLUB RACING at (they should have the schedule online shortly).

    Hope to see you guys at various events in 2008, it really is a lot of fun and amazing what one can learn about vehicle dynamics PLUS there is no fear of speeding tickets or suspended drivers license (ask me how i know!).
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    I'm setting up my race schedule for this summer too

    Doing a few races w NASA and some FCA, Belle Macchine, Concorso Italiano etc

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