Trade in value on 2003 360 Spider F1

Discussion in 'North & South Carolina' started by eclipse185, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. eclipse185

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    Oct 25, 2004
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    Rob Whitener
    Anyone have any thoughts on what sort of trade in $ one could or should expect for the 360 Spider F1 with 8806 miles? Some other options include the premium hi-fi system (sub-woofer and 6 CD changer), modular wheels, Silver outside, two tone gray Daytona seats and interior.

    What happens to the trade in or resale value as I add miles. I know it is going to go down, but are there unspoken thresholds that I need to watch out for?

    Any comments would be helpful and appreciated.
  2. LetsJet

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    May 24, 2004
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    March 31, 2005 print this vehicle report
    Original MSRP: $176,287

    Low Retail Average Retail High Retail

    $211,500 $222,600 $235,800

    This might help.........

    Less miles the better.....service records most important
  3. N24RE

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    Steve Jones

    There tend to be 5k mile points in the resale of 360s. IE you can see the prices fall a few % with each 5k miles you add. Also once you reach 15k you need to really slow down on the miles if you want to keep a good % of your money. Now all this being said once the car gets older a few more miles won't hurt, but currently anymore than 2~3k miles per year is considered high miles.



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