Trademark trouble over F1's new logo

Discussion in 'F1' started by NEP, Jan 15, 2018.

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    Stationary brand opposes new F1 logo

    JUNE 13, 2018

    Liberty Media is still racing into trademark trouble over F1's new logo.

    In January, F1 business journalist Christian Sylt revealed that the new logo "bears a striking resemblance" to an existing 'F' logo already registered by the stationary company 3M for a range of compression tights.

    "We are looking into this matter further," a 3M spokesman said then.

    Still in the Daily Telegraph, Sylt is now reporting that 3M has lodged opposition to F1's logo trademark application, based on the "likelihood of confusion" with the tights brand.

    Official opposition was lodged on May 22, and Sylt said Europe's intellectual property office normally takes up to four months to rule.
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    The old logo is blah - I love the new logo. Let's see where this goes...
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    I remember when the same thing happened between AT&T and Konica Minolta. I guess AT&T won out, since they're still using the logo, while Konica Minolta was eventually acquired by Sony.
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    I thought the Avaya / Voya logos looked awfully similar, but no hubbub on that...
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    3 M may have no alternative but to defend the FIA appropriation of one of their logos.

    It's not unusual for large brands like 3 M to count their trademarks as company assets in the evaluation of the business.

    Letting another organisation use one of your logos without fighting it would be tantamount to accepting a loss of capital.
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    3M will address this and quietly. Ample references to use and little Liberty can do to deflect.

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