Trunk Lid Upholstery Daytona

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  1. jfrazar

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    Joe Frazar
    What is the proper material for the underside of the trunk lid on 1973 Daytona - How is it attached ect. What I have on my neighbors car are two pre-cut plastic panels covered with headliner material and held up with velcro strips - NOT CORRECT - I have made multiple attempts to contact Re-Originals and 1 email was replied to that they have it and now no response to emails trying to buy it - no one answers the phone ect. I have been told the correct material is just black velour. Who else sells it. I really want to get the correct material for obvious reasons.

    Thanks for you help

    Joe Frazar
    Savannah, GA
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    I am not good at identifying anything but I can take some photos if you want
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    You can call Rocks auto in Toronto - he would have something like this.
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    OEM trunk liner is woven, cotton- or tweed-like fabric, but AFAIK, none of the currently/recently available replacements appear exactly correct. Some are closer than others and while velour appears to be used often, it’s far from correct.

    I would also advise staying clear from most of the multi-brand online/website vendors, as many of them seem to have very little or no knowledge whatsoever regarding items they’re selling and only go by what their suppliers tell them.
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    Kerry Chesbro

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