Trying to understand the f1 actuator sensor wiring pinouts

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    this is on a 360, but I think it applied to other cars employing automated gearbox as well, such as f430.

    I recently acquired a Citroen throttle position sensor, which has the same part number as that engraved on the selection/engagement sensors. But there are differences as if Ferrari modified it.
    first difference is the wiring. The ferrari sensor came with a long cable while the Citroen one is just a connector with no cable
    2nd difference is crucial. The Ferrari sensor has 4 pins and the Citroen one has 3 pin.
    I am guessing the Citreon's pins are POWER, EARTH & SIGNAL. but I had a hard time guessing what's the 4th pin should be on the Ferrari sensor and I wonder if there's anyway I could modify the Citroen sensor to fit our Ferraris.

    The photo is from 360's wiring diagrams that photoshopped so that it shows what's relevant for our discussion.

    From my understanding, Both 24P and 25P's
    connector 4 = earth
    connector 3=power,
    connector 2=signal.

    But I don't understand what connect 1 is. From 360trev's TCU pinout, it reads: EARTH POWER INPUT, from the TCU pinout side. What exactly is a "EARTH POWER INPUT"?

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    Did you ever figure out how to connect the 3 pin Peugeot sensor to the 4 wire Ferrari plug?
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    no.... .....
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    I obtained following information from French Ferrari forum called, theres many gifted DIY guys there the only problem being language barrier. So this isn't my findings, this is straight quote from one of the guys post:

    1 - Normally your original ferrari sensor (181325) has 3 connectors, like the sensor Peugeot (9642473280), even if the wiring car have 4 wires.
    2 - The wiring of your car has 4 colors of wires : black, blue, red and yellow
    3 - The yellow is a dummy wire
    4 - On your new Peugeot sensor : the red wire is on left, the bleu wire in the middle and the black wire on the right part.


    If you are afraid to go wrong, the ideal is to melt the black glue on the connector of the original sensor. You will be able to see exactly where each wire connects .
    Normally, you do not need the Ferrari computer, but good with the Ferrari, we are sure of nothing .... Then you just put a new rubber on the Peugeot connector and it's over.

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    We don't have to ground the yellow dummy wire?

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