Tubi Style - 812 Superfast Build! [warning photo heavy]

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    Tubistyle Exhausts
    812 Superfast Rampante
    1016 Industries X Tubi Style X ADV1
    By: Lager Coporation

    I wanted to share this amazing build we got to be a part of with the gentleman over at 1016 Industries, ADV1, and Lager Corporation. They dubbed this 812 Superfast Kit the "Rampante" meaning high-flying and go-getting in Italian. Sticking to it's name the design incorporated both smooth and sharp body lines in order to achieve the sharpest look possible.

    The Rampante Kit consisted of the Front Aero Lip, Side Skirts, a 3 Piece Rear Diffuser, and Spoiler. The Rear Diffuser is the only full replacement option on the market meaning that both the exhaust pods and center diffuser are replacement pieces. 1016 Industries kept this theme and made the Side Skirts a full replacement bolt on application, as well.

    This epic looking red Ferrari 812 Superfast built by Lager Corporation features a set of ADV10.0 Track Spec Advance Series Wheels. The Wheels are sized as 21x10 in the front and 22x12.5 in the rear. Futhermore, the wheels feature a brushed aluminum with gloss clear finish for the face of the wheel and polished aluminum with gloss clear outers/lip. The wheels were topped off with a 50/50 exposed titanium hardware option to give it that final touch.

    Everything that has been on this build is now available and ready for everyone who wants to dress-up their beloved 812 Superfast.

    Feel free to PM me directly for any questions and pricing.

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