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    I recently had an amazing conversation with the gentleman at Tubi Style Italy and the subject of their Restoration line came up. I'm going to be honest here, my knowledge of aftermarket Ferrari exhaust's go as a far back as the 355. Everything before that has always been an unknown void to me without knowing where this information was available or if it was available. The current manager of the aftermarket division of Tubi Style sent me this lovely write up about their restoration line and I wanted to share it with the community. This is a rough translation of what he wanted to share so please take that into account and enjoy!


    The technical management of the parts in Ferrari really changed during past years, and a lot of data and drawing of the components of the past has been lost, and can be no more realized in compliance with the original. A lot of drawings has been always managed from historical suppliers, that during the years has been closed for many reasons, so another big block of information has been lost.

    Ferrari knows this situation, and Ferrari Classiche dept. has a dedicated team that works on an enormous archive of drawings, images and other document of the past to try to identify correctly the part that was used on a VIN at the origin.

    In the meanwhile, Ferrari sold in UK the license to sell and produce the original parts of historical cars: this is only a license, Ferrari give to the distributor the drawing of the parts when required (with no compliance check to the VIN, that requires too much work). Then the UK distributor would produce locally the parts, with no quality check or something similar. The only added value of their parts is the “Ferrari timbre”. Unfortunately, during the concourses, the evaluation of the restoration is normally done from judges that are really experts, and that are not interested into the “Ferrari Timbre” (Ferrari Sound/Ferrari Quality), they are focused on the quality of the parts, and normally the UK original parts receive low rating, due to their poor quality.

    As an example, Ferrari Classiche dept. is not buying the parts from UK, but they produce locally every single part.

    Why Tubi Style is different? There are a lot of reasons:
    • We have a direct knowledge of the OE Ferrari Exhaust starting from the 60s, thanks to the direct experience our founder Ruini had inside the Factory. As an example, on some car of production of the 60s, the exhausts supplied from another company were impossible to be fitted because of the chassis dimensional variation. So, during the mounting of the car, every exhaust bracket were trimmed, the exhaust was maintained in the correct position, and every bracket welded again to permit the proper positioning of the exhaust. During the years, Fausto Lettieri and Michele Leo learned every detail about these “secrets” from Ruini, during the production both of OE components, and our aftermarket line mostly dedicated to 70s and 80s cars.
    • We are strong enough to produce new expensive tooling, we have a technical dept. that is generating documents to permit to have the best management of the parts we produced.
    • Additionally, we guarantee the restoration of every car that has been produced during the 60s. Only, due to the production technology of the period, first we need to make an evaluation on the single VIN of what is needed to be done.
    For those of you who did not know, Tubi Style offers a full exhaust line for so far every Ferrari produced. If your looking to start a restoration or in the middle of one. Feel free to contact me to discuss options for your exhaust so you can finish the classic by adding that "Ferrari Timbre".
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    romano schwabel
    thank you for this great information ;)
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