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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by reggie, Mar 26, 2005.

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    I know your supposed to run 4 tyres thatare exactly the same, but are there any serious problems, dangers etc if you had say 3 Pirelli tyres and one continental ! Is this just tyre people wanting you to have 4 of their tyres on.

    Blown a tyre on my M3 and on the Modena (nail). Modena is fine, tyre been repaired. On my M3 however i was half way up the M1 and the garage i was taken to had only 1 tyre that would fit the 19 inch alloys, different to the others. Should i buy a new tyre to match the others, or is it perfectly fine to run the 4 that are on now ?
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    Reggie, I would buy another tyre to match the others - the tread patterns and compounds work together as a set - especially if they are symetric.

    On my old 993 I had a different set of tyres at the back and front - the handling was atrocious until I changed them to SO2's all round - the difference was night and day.

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