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    As the seasons morph in our minds, the flora and fauna prepare for the winter ahead. Universal Autosports welcomes autumn with our Fall Service specials, in three phases for each approach towards the winter exotic experience…

    There are some whom prefer to have a machine at the ready, eager to pounce on the fleeting winter driving opportunity. For thou, we offer a seasonal check and oil service. We will perform an Operational CHECK of your entire vehicle nose to tail. Including a top off of all vital fluids, set tire pressures, torque the wheels and perform a complete oil service. As a gesture of thanks, we will offer a FREE hand wash and a Koenigsegg thumb drive, filled with press releases, videos and photos, and a complete set of frame worthy photographs of YOUR vehicle while here at our facility!

    For those who opt for winter hibernation, we offer a winterization package that prepares your vehicle for storage. A comprehensive fluid flush, fill and bleed (engine, gearbox and differential oils, coolant, power steering and brake fluids) with factory spec fluids. Inspect, clean or replace air and pollen filters. Install Nitrogen in the tires, set pressure and torque the wheels. As a gesture of thanks, we will offer a FREE hand wash and wax, a Koenigsegg thumb drive loaded as described AND the Nitrogen service is on the house!

    Then there are those wise enough to utilize the down time for maintenance, repair and upgrades. Our service staff bring your vehicle up to par mechanically and cosmetically, presenting a like new finished product. Winter is the perfect opportunity to have your Major service completed, including the engine belt service, tune up and any necessary repairs. We replace ALL fluids and filters, and recharge the air conditioning system if needed. FREE Nitrogen in the tires. Perform a complete vehicle operational check and diagnose any issues. We offer a wide range of upgrades from cosmetics to engine ECU tuning, from street to track, your wish is our pleasure. As a gesture of thanks, we will offer a FREE Koenigsegg thumb drive loaded with service photographs of YOUR vehicle, and a complete detail to have your ride looking as sharp as it runs!

    Plan now and contact Anthony Simone for the Platinum service you and your exotic deserve! 1-516-801-8201
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