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    May 3, 2004
    Chicago, IL
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    Sean Picur
    Hey all... This is Sean with that 275 GTB/4 at LFSC. We've got a surplus of 4 tickets to tomorrow's USGP @ Indy (seats are together). They were bought for a friend who had a fatal heart attack a few months ago.
    They've been offered to the mechanics over at LFSC who've been working on our car, but notice was short and it's looking like they may go unused. Lee is going to call me back by 5 or 6 - he seems to want to go, but isn't able to find anyone to go with him...
    He's got first crack (until 6:00pm) but I'm offering these tickets up to any F1 or Ferrari guys here... I don't want these to go to waste! They're Paddock Penthouse (balcony), front row, 4 seats together. It's the second to last paddock penthouse before the "Hullman Suites" (which are before turn 1). Incredibly loud (louder if you want - you can go downstairs and sit in the unused seats on the 1st level, within spitting distance of the cars).
    The seats have a view of turn 13, the entire straight and into turn 1 and some of the infield. They're $150 a throw, which we're eating (I can't really afford it, but that's the way it is... donations or gifts in return would be welcome :)
    First come, first serve. Just a reminder that Lee is working on things, and I'd like to give him a shot at the tickets. In fact, if you're reading this and can't think of someone to go with, it's conceivable that Lee might go witcha... in any event, email me at or call at 773-844-0274. I'm in Lincoln park (Diversey and Halsted or thereabouts) and will be around all day. At worst I can leave the tix at the house, where they could be picked up tomorrow (I'll be leaving fairly early... it's about a 3 hour drive...).
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