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User-Defined Links Working

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by wax, Nov 3, 2003.

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    Jul 20, 2003
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    Some user-defined links are working. Rob musta got on the batphone!
    It's going to seem like I'm insulting your intelligence, but these are what now currently work:
    All examples preceded by * are using spacing for show and tell throughout any given example
    actual usage is on following line

    This is supposed to be unlinked, that is - show the image - Rob may have temporarily turned the img linking off in order to make sure the "old way" isn't lost. But it shows the address instead at this time.
    *[ img ] address of image [ /img ]

    Simple URL Hyperlinking:
    *[ url ] www . address . com[ /url ]

    Advanced URL Hyperlinking:
    *[ url = ( address ) ] ( name ) [ /url ]

    Simple Thread Linking (Link Bug Thread):
    *[ thread ] 127 [ /thread ]

    Advanced Thread Linking (Link Bug Thread):
    *[ thread = 127 ] Bug #2: Link test - possible problem? [ /thread ]
    Bug #2: Link test - possible problem?

    Again, no spaces anywhere - whether inside brackets or on actual addies.
    Again, no insult to intelligence intended.

    Original experiment was done in Quick reply field.
    Automatically parse URLs was check-marked.
    Browser used was Opera.
    This post done in New Post Comment field.
    Posted in General Discussion to e(r)ase first 2 days of link bugs.
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