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Discussion in 'Canada' started by tjacoby, Apr 2, 2005.

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    I copied it out for a friend, any typo's are mine:

    Brian Ross’s Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver dealership has spent a year jinking and dekeing like Formula One Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher working his way through back-markers.

    After falling out with Ferrari of North America, Brian Jessel briefly tried flogging bargan-basement Kia cars from the Venerables-at-Glen showroom. Then Ohio dealer and Ferrari fan Ross – he owns Holy Grail F40 and Enzo models – took over and saw general managers Bill Murtland and Len Millaris come and go as quickly as valet parkers.

    Now, White Rock-raised Scott Robertson, 29, is in charge pro tem. “I still need more experience to be a GM,” he said frankly. But the University of BC Graduate urban geographer and right-wing hockey player looks to have the job’s go-fast attributes.

    He also has some nifty product – namely the $280,000 490-horsepower F430 two-seat coupe Ferrari will introduce at the Pacific International Auto Show on Friday. There’s already an 18-month waitlist for it, and a year more for the $300-plus drop-trop model. Robertson said.

    And after numerous ho-hum models, Maserati will launch the first designed entirely by owner Ferrari. It’s the Quattroporte – Detroit would say “four-door” – luxury sedan with a 400 horse V8 engine, F1-style “paddle” gear shift, 285km/h top speed and a base price of $148,000.

    Robertson, who has a 2003 Porsche Cabriolet for personal wheels, hopes to acquire a Ferrari – likely a used 355 GTS – and drive it to more salubrious workplace. That’s not at First and Quebec Street, where Jessel planned to relocate the dealership. Instead Ross is scouting Burrard Street’s Kitsilano car row to build a show room and four-bay shop.
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    too bad they still have a lot to learn. i called them to see if they had any 575's, new or used in stock, and the guy told me that they were such a hot commodity he could "probably' get me one.

  3. ToddB

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    they have one in there showroom.....go figure
  4. tjacoby

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    Nov 1, 2003
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    Damn, that was quik! I guess he should be back on his way to Toronto. I'll see you soon Len :p
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    Larry Leonard
    Brian J. must be laughing his Ass off! LOL
  7. VanCooper

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    Oct 16, 2002
    Wasn't there a general manager at once that was named Leslie or something of that nature? He was extremely nice
  8. Kds

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    Kirk Leslie is the ex-salesman prior to Scott. Nice guy.
  9. brim

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    Dec 20, 2004
    Bill and Kirk are both gone already?

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