Vegas "Supermodel" Calendar Photo Shoot

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    Can I insist that the models not climb or sit on the car?
    Can I choose which shot I get in 8x10?
    Can I get a disk with all the pics of my car on it?
    If they use my car in it, do I get a copy of the calendar?
    If I get there reasonably early, how early will I likely get my photos done?

    Show up from 7:00 am - 9:00 am and you still get in for $35 instead of the $40 at the door admission starting at 9:00 am. Advance registrations by mail and fax are still $35 until June 5th. Upon arrival you are handed a program with a photoshoot schedule and directions to parking for the different marques, directions to the pool bar luncheon and to the waterside cocktail party social hour with the models.

    First you will be directed to pull up before our contract photographers who are shooting all the cars with our early morning models. These photos appear on the bulletinboard within an hour and are available directly from the contract photographers ala carte on the spot. These pics cost money and are available immediately in different formats including individual photo calendars. These models are beautiful and the photographers are accomplished, so the photos are expected to be exceptional. If your time is limited, you won't go away disappointed, as you can select one of these photos to be the photo included with your admission price. Hopefully you can stay for the afternoon though, as there is much more.

    This action is just designed to keep you entertained until the real action starts at noon. Starting at noon the "supermodels" arrive with their own photographer. They have their own makeup artists and their own cabana and whatever else they require. These models are particular about who takes their picture, so reknown photographer Greg Randles will be on hand to do the honors.

    You will be called on again to pull your car up to the outdoor photoshoot location with the second set of "supermodels" from noon - 4:00 PM. These photographs should be of the highest caliber, suitable for car club calendars and even publication.

    The cost of admission gets you one of these 8 x 10 " glossies with the "supermodels" mailed to you at whatever address you specify. These photographs are of the highest quality - professional works of art. You have the option to select any number of photographs from the Greg Randles website, or you can simply request that he mail you whichever photograph is best in his opinion if you don't want to be bothered going to his website. You get one photograph included with the price of admission.

    So in summary, although you will be situated in the car show among other Ferraris and other Ferrari Car Clubs, you will be called upon to pull your car up to the photo set twice, once for the contract photographers in the morning, and once again for Greg Randles in the afternoon.

    In between the photoshoot activities you can enjoy the casino, the watergardens, the pool and the 2:00 cocktail party with the models. Luncheon restaurants include an inside buffet, and the Waterside poolbar cafe. Dinner restaurants also include an Irish restaurant, a steakhouse, and an excellent Italian restaurant.

    To answer the other questions:

    Can I insist that the models not climb or sit on the car?
    Yes of course! The photographer will direct them to pose in whatever manner you request.

    Can I choose which shot I get in 8x10?
    Yes. You can choose to receive from the contract photographer whatever photo you want and receive it on the spot, or if you are able to wait until the afternoon, you can instead wait and choose your 8x10 from Randles website.

    Can I get a disk with all the pics of my car on it?
    No. The photo included with the price of admission will not be included on a disk - unless you also purchase additional photographs from the same photographer. Whatever extra photographs you purchase from either photographer will also be given to you on a disk if you request it.

    If they use my car in it, do I get a copy of the calendar?
    Yes. The calendars are printed by each car club individually as they see fit. The photographers can provide you with their versions of single-photograph calendars for a price, and car clubs will likely take their member's twelve photographs to Office Depot or Office Max for small quantities of 12 month calendars. As you own rights to the photographs, you will also be able to sell your photographs to calendar publishing companies for publication, or accept a quantity of calendars in trade from them in exchange for your permission to use your photograph in their publications. The Ferrari Club of Las Vegas and a list of other car clubs offering calendars from the photoshoot will be posted at so those that wish to obtain a calendar can do so. Any photographs used for a calendar will come with the stipulation that if yours is one of the cars featured on any of the calendars, you will be offered a calendar free of charge upon request.

    If I get there reasonably early, how early will I likely get my photos done?
    If you are satisfied with the models and the resulting photo from our early morning contract photographer, you can leave with your photograph within an hour or so. If you are able to wait until noon, you will also have the option of choosing a photograph from Greg Randles and the "supermodels" which will be mailed to you at a later date. The choice is up to you.

    We expect everyone will enjoy themselves and have an excellent time. :)
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    June 5th Deadline for Rampart Casino Supermodel Car Calendar Photoshoot

    Saturday, June 12th - 9:00 AM - Rampart Casino Bikini Calendar
    Car Show - All makes and models welcome!

    No "Goodie Bags" or "Dash Plaques" - just a picture of your car with
    the most beautiful women in the world!

    Enjoy a beautiful watergarden terrace and poolside patio setting for
    the car show and photoshoot. 7:00 AM gates open, 9:00 registration
    starts, 12:00 poolside luncheon, 2:00 cocktail party overlooking the
    photoshoot, and 4:00 Italian gourmet dining.

    Supermodel Bikini Calendar Photoshoot & Car Show at Spiedini
    Ristorante in the Rampart Casino and Marriott Hotel complex, 221
    N. Rampart Blvd off Summerlin Parkway in the rear convention
    center parking lot. As these top models and professional
    photographers do not come cheap, we hope everyone will enter at
    least one of their cars. Participants are coming in from as far away
    as the east coast, photographers are coming in from as far as Salt
    Lake City, and the supermodels are coming in from as far away as

    $35.00 by June 5th (or before 9:00 AM at the door) and $40.00
    thereafter. Admission gets everyone a quality photograph of their
    car with the supermodels. Mail your check payable to "FCLV"
    addressed to: Gary Shaw, 10620 Haileville Drive, Las Vegas, NV
    89129 or fax your credit card information to: (702) 341-1652.

    For more information call Gary Shaw at (702) 683-2227 or Jeff
    Wenger at (702) 341-1606.

    See you there!
    Jeff Wenger

    Registration form, more info and photos:

    Sponsored by the Ferrari Club of Las Vegas. FCLV Charities include Las
    Vegas Diabetes Association and the LV Animal Shelter.
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    One of our models, Karen Chacon has just appeared on the cover of 'Las Vegas Weekly' featuring the cover story "24 Hours In A Strip Club".

    About the cover:

    Issue Date
    June 3, 2004

    Benjamen Purvis

    Karen Chacon ( )

    The Process
    KAREN CHACON IS NOT A REAL STRIPPER. She asked me to write that here in all caps. Karen was on two of our covers last year, and those two issues hold the best pick-up rate of 2003.

    The cover picture:
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    Why didn't you use a real one???

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