Vending Machine pizza? Whatever next??

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    90-second pizzas from a vending machine
    By Nic Fleming
    (Filed: 14/04/2004)

    Vending machines that deliver hot pizzas in 90 seconds are to be placed in workplaces, railway stations and other public places around Britain.

    For £4, the machine selects a customer's choice of topping on a vacuum-packed, nine-inch pizza, unwraps it, cooks it and dispatches it on a cardboard plate. The first one went on trial outside the Vesuvio Italian restaurant on Bournemouth beach last week.

    The manager, Franco Longi, said the £15,000 machine sold about 200 pizzas in four days.

    He said: "We were unable to meet the demands of running a very busy restaurant and a very popular takeaway service, so this seemed like a good solution."

    The machines were launched in America last year. The Wonder Pizza UK company is importing them and plans to install 2,000 in Britain over the next three years. Marco Rossi, a director, said: "The big selling point is that the vending machine can deliver fresh Italian pizzas quickly 24 hours a day."
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