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Vintage Ferrari's used in Charlie's Angels

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerking, Nov 13, 2003.

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  1. racerking

    racerking Rookie

    Nov 1, 2003
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    HI ALL,

    I was curious which vintage Ferrari was used in one of the Charlie's Angels movies. I haven't seen the movies myself, so if anyone here has and knows, could you respond to this thread.


    WILLIAM H Three Time F1 World Champ

    Nov 1, 2003
    Victory Circle
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    250 California, very nice, had a Maserati also, Yawn
  3. dan360

    dan360 F1 Rookie

    Feb 18, 2003
    Just saw it on a plane from London to Boston - Enzo, 250 Cali (LWB I think) and Maser are all in there.

    Demi Moore as the fallen angel getting into the Enzo and speeding off over a dusty car park (speeded up footage) was quite amusing.

    What my brother would call a "good s**t film".
  4. BrentC

    BrentC Formula Junior

    Aug 13, 2003
    Was the 250 a real F-car? It almost looked like a kit in some of the scenes. Anyone know?
  5. amenasce

    amenasce Three Time F1 World Champ
    Silver Subscribed

    Oct 17, 2001
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    Joe Mansion
  6. Gilles27

    Gilles27 F1 World Champ

    Mar 16, 2002
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    If you rent the DVD, there's a bonus piece that goes through all the cars. The director (insert forgotten clever Hollywood name here) is a raging car nut, and insisted on each car being to-the-numbers authentic. I appreciate his passion, but in a movie it's a little unnecessary. When talking about the Enzo, they mentioned that it was the first one on U.S. soil, having been flown over directly from the German (I think) auto show. They spapped on about how Demi Moore was the first person to drive an Enzo in America, which seems to neglect the support guys who got it to the set location. But naturally that doesn't sound as sexy as Moore's ass in a bikini! What cracked me up in the piece was the way they blew a nut over the Maserati. Cool car, but they over did it a tad, seeing the cars it was parked with.
  7. tifosi12

    tifosi12 Four Time F1 World Champ
    Lifetime Rossa Owner

    Oct 3, 2002
    @ the wheel
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    Sounds like they were trying to make up for their major booboo in the first movie where all three (3!!!) women comfortably sit in the 360. They're slim, granted, but one in the middle is ridiculous. Especially as on the outside shot, there are only two heads visible (tunnel scene).
  8. cavallino

    cavallino Formula Junior

    Aug 21, 2003
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    So beautiful pic ...
  9. Stickanddice

    Stickanddice Formula 3

    Nov 2, 2002
    So that 427 S/C that they destroy is a numbers matching original too?!

  10. Tall_Bob

    Tall_Bob Rookie

    Nov 9, 2003
    Have you seen the budgets associated with these movies? In spite of their considerable size, profits are, too, extreme; especially with films making use of high-profile actresses. I know of at least one producer that makes use of originals (whether it be art, cars, etc) so that once the film is complete, the items can be considered "business expenses" and handled (in a tax manner) accordingly.
  11. ForzaFerrari

    ForzaFerrari F1 Veteran

    Jul 25, 2003
    The Netherlands
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    Saw the DVD...and loved the extra's about the cars...and ofcourse especially about the Ferraris...fantastic that they used real ones...and a 250 GT California, my god...who would lent his car for a movie??? :S
    But what that guy was telling was really funny about he was jumping to another guys butt...not to touch his butt (..) but for the mechanic tools he had on his belt...he was scared for scratches on the paint!! And I would have been too!!! :)
    Great DVD extras...but a bit disapointing movie btw
  12. wax

    wax Five Time F1 World Champ
    Lifetime Rossa

    Jul 20, 2003
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    Dirty Harry
    You mean McG aka Joseph McGinty Nichol A Newporsche Beach, CA-raised Music Video helmer, he's also directing "Hot Wheels", an action/chase movie due in 2005.
  13. Artherd

    Artherd F1 Veteran

    Jun 19, 2002
    Bay Area, CA
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    Ben Cannon
    Good for him, wish I had a gig that allowed that. <sly smile>

  14. Mule

    Mule F1 Rookie
    Owner Rossa Subscribed

    Jun 25, 2003
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    There was an article in the FCA newsletter about Ferrari product placement. It is on the old board.

    Magnum PI - You want a Ferrari in your show? Go buy one.

    Miami Vice - We don't like you using a replica. Here are two TR's.

    Charlies Angels - Ferrari paid about $9 million for product placement. Probably mostly for the Maseratis, since no one is going to buy an Enzo (who doesn't already have one) or a 250 Cali.
  15. zjpj

    zjpj F1 Veteran

    Nov 4, 2003
    here we go again
  16. ryder

    ryder Karting

    Nov 19, 2003
    Do you have "Moore" and higher res pix?

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