Visiting Missouri and Nebraska on Business, where to go?

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    So the date is not set, but I believe beginning of November. I am moving a friend out to Kansas City, MO and then driving to Lincoln and Omaha, NE for business with Harley-Davidson and will be in the area. I will be in Kansas City for the weekend (driving from York, PA to Kansas City) and in Nebraska for a day unfortunately and catching a red eye home. Any cool places to see and places to eat that are NOT 'touristy'. I am a photographer so anything eye catching will do it :)

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    Although probably south of your route the southern part of MO is a pretty amazing place with great driving roads. There is a national park called (I think) the Ozark Secnic Waterway. The park is about 150 miles long. Look for a place called Big Spring. It flows about 276,000,000 gallons per day. Great roads down there.

    I will have to say it's a national park so it's closed now, they even stopped the web site from working.
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    When you're in KC you HAVE to eat at Oklahoma Joe's - trust me, you won't regret it. Have fun!
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    The Old Market in Omaha can be pretty photogenic. Lots of buildings dating back to the late 1800s, brick streets. It's not "touristy" but is usually pretty full of people on a weekend at the bars, restaurants, etc.

    For Lincoln, there's a place southwest of town called Pioneer's Park. It's a big drive through park with some cool ponds and stuff and there's an area where they have buffalo and elk roaming around. Really popular place for senior pictures and the like.
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    As far as where to eat that is neat, there are just not that many 'can't miss' places.
    You've seen 'Diners, Drive-Inns and Dives', and where there have been a handful of places from Omaha on that show, NONE of them are 'must visit' places IMO, none of them have the foods you see like most of the other places on that show do.

    If you like motorsports you should go to the Speedway Motors museum in Lincoln, the problem is it is open to the public only on Fridays, I don't know the cost.

    Ask Blake Dillon where he thinks you ought to go...

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