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Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by whart, Jan 5, 2004.

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  1. whart

    whart F1 Veteran

    Dec 5, 2001
    Grandview NY
    Full Name:
    Herr Prof.
    Anybody buy one or shop this car seriously? They are already discontinuing the 12 cyl. version, at least in the US. On paper, the car looks great, but i'd hate to be a test dummy. Any input?
  2. Napolis

    Napolis Three Time F1 World Champ
    Honorary Owner

    Oct 23, 2002
    Full Name:
    Jim Glickenhaus
    Great car. Ugly. Huge VW badge deserves an 40K discount.
  3. kenny

    kenny Formula Junior

    Nov 9, 2003
    Greenwich , CT
    Full Name:
    Very nice looking car, with top fit & finish and quality interior.... But at $88k for a VW?? I think you have to discount that at least $30k to make that thing move off showroom floors..
  4. writerguy

    writerguy F1 Veteran

    Sep 30, 2003
    Full Name:
    Vw is dropping one off for me to drive in a couple of weeks I will let you know what it is like
  5. AJS328

    AJS328 F1 Veteran

    Apr 23, 2003
    New Jersey
    Full Name:
    Augustine Staino
    I drove my uncle's V8 demo recently. Personally, I think it looks like an oversized Passat from the outside. The inside was probably nicer than just about any car interior I've ever seen. It has a lot of toys including heated and air-conditioned seats. Definitely a nice car but I would never buy one new. Let someone else deal with the depreciation, which should be substantial.
  6. AnotherDunneDeal

    AnotherDunneDeal F1 Veteran

    Jun 2, 2003
    N.Richland Hills, Tx
    Full Name:
    James Dunne
    Bring it over to Baillargeon. I would love to see it. We can let you take the RS6 for a short spin and see what you think of it........ Deal????
  7. Kds

    Kds F1 World Champ

    One of the VW dealers that I know who was going to have to take one (the allocation here in Canada is one per dealer and the ones I hear of do not want them....it's a $100K CAD Passat) said it was going to be his demo and written down accordingly until someone stepped up and made an offer.

    It's probably a great powerplant and the interior looks almost jewel like in it's fit and finish........but it's VW when the smoke clears
  8. Dino 208gt4

    Dino 208gt4 F1 World Champ

    Jun 24, 2003
    European Union
    Full Name:
    At this moment I drive a 2003 Passat Tdi and I am thinking of a Touareg for next year. Don't want to drive a $100K Phateon (in Holland they are that expensive) that looks just like a great Passat.
    I think a Touareg looks better then a BMW X5 or Mercedes ML.
  9. Auraraptor

    Auraraptor F1 World Champ
    Lifetime Rossa Owner

    Sep 25, 2002
    An expensive people's car. Funny.
  10. writerguy

    writerguy F1 Veteran

    Sep 30, 2003
    Full Name:
    Okee by me Y'all
  11. Texas Forever

    Texas Forever Seven Time F1 World Champ
    Rossa Subscribed

    Apr 28, 2003

    I saw one at the local dealership while looking at the Egg SUV. Very nice looking car and probably a better value than, say, a MB S600. But the local dealership was treating it like a joke. It had a $7,500 "market adjustment" premium on the car. The impression I got from the sales staff was that it was toy for owner.

    Let us know what you think if you drive one.

  12. BigTex

    BigTex Seven Time F1 World Champ
    Owner Rossa Subscribed

    Dec 6, 2002
    Houston, Texas
    Full Name:
    I checked on out and they are very nice, trim, fit, etc. Looked well built.
    The twelve cyl was about $82K, but I noticed the 8 cyl was about $68K.

    Then we got in my sweeties' new Beetle Turbo S, six speed with the two tone leather, sunroof and six speed tranny, black, with 17" alloys, Michelin Pilots. We opened the sunroof, cranked up the jams, and went for a beer!

    Spent $22K.
  13. amenasce

    amenasce Three Time F1 World Champ
    Silver Subscribed

    Oct 17, 2001
    Full Name:
    Joe Mansion
    If you like your sedans to be just a little sporty like a BMW or an AMG merc , forget the VW. Its heavier than a Cayenne i think..the thing weighs 2.2 tons for the W12 ....and it looks like a Passat ...
  14. wax

    wax Five Time F1 World Champ
    Lifetime Rossa

    Jul 20, 2003
    Full Name:
    Dirty Harry
    Phaeton was getting the most attention in VW section at LA Auto show while I was there. Not a lot. Just the most. Looks OK, but twice the price of some Benz's???
  15. Teenferrarifan

    Teenferrarifan F1 Rookie

    Feb 21, 2003
    Media, PA
    Full Name:
    Whart have you looked at the A8L a friend of my dad's just got one and I got to take it for a spin. The car is amazing it is quick and the I-drive system is light years ahead of the BMW's on the 7-series anyway. Also if you get the car with the 19inch multispoke rims it really looks classy. I was impressed with the way the car drove and you didn't feel the cars size. The VW isn't bad but the A8's performance has to be close and it is less then the 12 but more then the 8.
  16. Agent Smith

    Agent Smith Formula 3

    Apr 20, 2002
    I don't know about this car. i'm sure the build quality is fantastic, and I'm sure the engineering is nice.....but when you're talking that kind of money and some of it's closest competitors price-wise are the M5, RS6, E55, 7-series, S-class, A8, LS400.....well you get the picture. As arrogant as it sounds, if I have that kind of dough to drop on a car, it will not carry a VW badge. Sorry.
  17. Hubert

    Hubert F1 Rookie

    Jan 3, 2002
    The Left Coast
    VW Phateon : Performance may be blunted by weight of badging. (As an aside, I think the car is brilliant, but --oxymoronically enough-- flawed by the same token; as in, the execution of the idea is brilliant, but it's wearing the wrong coat.)
  18. Teenferrarifan

    Teenferrarifan F1 Rookie

    Feb 21, 2003
    Media, PA
    Full Name:
    Whart as crazy as this appears have you thought about a Cadillac CTS-V? The car has the same LS6 engine as the Z06 corvette and is mated to a six speed stick. If this car is going to be used as a daily driver it could be some fun and is pretty comp. priced. Just a thought.
  19. Chenrezi

    Chenrezi Karting

    Feb 10, 2003
    Full Name:
    The Phaeton is a HUGE car!!
    It DOES look like a big Passat, but in here we have a special V10 diesel engine which is making a fair amount of success.
    It is, nevertheless a really expensive car, and I, for one, would never buy one given the choice.
    But it is terribly well equiped, and VW is fighting (or was) for a special licensing which will allow them to take the speed limiter of it, so it can achieve (suposedly) 300 km/h (about 170mph I'ld say...).
    Only Porsche was officially allowed to make over 250 km/h cars in germany and VW never seemed to care, but now that they have a car that might beat that they are pressing for a change in their licensing.
    Let's not forget that Germany has the only no-speed-limit highway in Europe (or so I believe)....

    It shoudln't be calle VW anymore, 'cause that's not a ppls car it's a rich man's car!! (or so they want it to be)

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