Wallace Alfred Wyss

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    WALLACE ALFRED WYSS, a native of Detroit who has lived in California for four decades, is a historian of long standing, having started his automotive journalism career 45 years ago at Motor Trend. He has authored ten books including two on Ferrari (one on the 308 and another on Pininfarina-designed Ferraris) and in 2007 discovered long-dormant artistic talent. Today he paints in acrylic oils, picturing his favorite Ferraris, and marketing limited edition prints of the originals. He can be reached at
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    Terry H Phillips
    I collaborated with Wallace on his 308 book when I had my 308 GTS in England. Very nice guy.

    Terry Phillips
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    I've been enjoying Wally Wyss' writing since the 1960's. He's a talented writer and now automotive artist as well. I've enjoyed his books on Prototype and Showcar Corvettes and Shelbys and GT40s. I expect his Ferrari work will be equally well-written and accurate.

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