Wanted - 275 GTB Hand Brake Calipers

Discussion in 'Vintage (thru 365 GTC4)' started by 275GTB, Jan 27, 2010.

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    Hi, this may be the wrong place to start a "wanted" thread, so please forgive me if this is the case, but given all the knowledge is in this part of the forum hopefully it will be educational as well.

    As you know from earlier threads I recently bought a 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB s/n 07333.
    When the car arrived in the UK it was missing the rear hand brake calipers. I have been trying to locate them via the previous owner, but so far I have had no luck.

    Any chance anyone knows where I could find a set for this model?

    I have attached a picture of a Ferrari 275 hub (courtesy of "Vintage V12") with the same set-up for reference.

    Does anyone know of any other Ferrari Model that would use the same hand brake caliper set-up, I can then widen my search?

    The calipers are sided i.e. different for the right and left.

    Any help would be truly appreciated.

    kind regards
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    Robert G. Zambelli
    Mark - I'm not positive on the size but in outward appearance, they are the same as those on my 330 GTC.

    Bob Z.
  4. 275GTB

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    Jan 12, 2010
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    Hi, while searching for my missing brake calipers I have made some very interesting discoveries!

    The front brake calipers on a 275GTB - the Dunlop Front piston assemblies are identical to a Jaguar Mk9 & an Aston Martin DB4 - available from all good Jaguar classic parts suppliers approx £90 a pair reconditioned and complete. This compares to the $900 dollars for one (not a pair) that I have seen on some classic Ferrari parts suppliers offer.

    I am sure i will find the rear piston assemblies on a Jaguar as well, just comparing Dunlop part numbers at the moment.

    Also the hand brake calipers that i need (pictured above) - the mechanism is identical to a MK2 3.8 Jaguar's hand brakes mechanism - £68 each including delivery, reconditioned as well.

    So all i need to find now is the casting that holds the mechanism to the hub, this bit is different on the Ferrari from the Jag.

    I can borrow a set off a friends 275GTS, get a casting made and have them machined. This is what i am looking into now - any suggestions who could do this in the UK?

    But finding an original set is the long term objective!

    But its got me thinking - brakes in the 60's, there were really only 2 options for disc brakes - Dunlop & Girling - how many other parts are inter-changeable with other cars, at a fraction of the price.

    I think it may be worth starting a new thread listing all the parts that are inter-changeable on Ferraris with other cars

    A dunlop brake is not a Ferrari made part hence why the Jag boys can get them for a few pounds, then certain Ferrari spares guys charge multiples more.

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