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    Thanks for sharing your experience. I always enjoy reading your posts.

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    Robert Parks
    I got to thinking about all of the PT's and I think that my favorite for easy flying was the PT-23 for being crisp, stabile, and nice to fly. Of course, it is impossible not to like the Stearman for smoothness, strength and predictability. I learned a lot of flying maneuvers on my own in a Stearman because it always came out of whatever contortion you put it in and it wanted to fly as much as you did. The Ryan was not for someone with low flying hours. The swept back wings made it dangerous at low speeds if you got it a little sideways. It was the fastest and hardest snap rolling airplane I ever flew and spins were quick and tight. Altitude and airspeed were your best friends with this airplane.
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    You sir have one F-chat.

    Coolest thing I have seen on this site WOW

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