Warning! Agency Power are Crooks

Discussion in '360/430' started by JohnsScud168, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. JohnsScud168

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    John Forbes
    It is very disappointing to deal with AGENCY POWER. I had purchased the F430 manifold from agency power after speaking with the marketing manager/saleperson Luis. He told me the Manifold would work with the F430 Scuderia and they also have an exhaust which is titanium that goes with it . (implying that the manifold fits the scuderia). Then i called them during the time of install and asked them for new gaskets for the headers. He said he can get that. After a day or 2 ; he calls back and says sorry you have to use your original ones. During that conversation i said its for the F430 Scuderia again. ( Never once told me the Headers would NOT fit the F430 Scuderia)
    I called them back and told them the Manifolds dont FIT the F430 Scuderia due to an additional port system on the Scuds Manifold. I'd like a refund. Luis (marketing manager/saleman/many roles) in the company said he will have to ask his boss the director. After a week or so i never got an answer. I was being quite patient with them.

    I understand that VIVID RACING owns Agency Power; But Agency Powers Customer Service is Terrible compared to Vivid Racing. I spoke a person name James. I am sure you guys heard of him on this forum. This man is a Great Guy. I purchased a Kressieg Exhaust system with James ( vivid Racing) and Spent over $12,500 on an exhaust system for the Scuderia. I am not blaming James for anything here because he actually tried to help me solve the issue. Agency wanted to make it sound like its my fault for ordering the wrong manifold when i specifically told them its for the F430 Scuderia. I mean when i called them numerous times i asked ( do you have an manifold for the F430 Scuderia?) Answer : Yes. we can have it coated for you too. ( thats implying it fits for the Scuderia.

    Agency Powers website should tell people that the Headers dont fit the Scuderia. It is very misleading .

    I want to thank James for the help, but i am very pissed off at Agency Power and i will NEVER do Business with them again. Bad Business and unreliable workers. People warned me already not to deal with Agency Power; but i tried to give them a chance. Now i know how they are.
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  2. BlacktopRacing

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    The only thing I got from all that is some people wrongfully call headers "manifolds" and others wrongfully call manifolds "headers". LOL
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  3. Vegas CS

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    Jim J
    I had a set of AP headers on my first CS in ‘12-‘13 and they cracked at the collector. I’m stayed stock on my two Scuds and staying stock on my latest CS.
  4. natman316

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    Jul 20, 2015
    arent headers "exhaust manifolds"?
  5. mwstewart

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    In England manifold is the correct term for...a manifold. There are a few types including a log type, commonly fitted to production cars, or a branch type like the AP we are discussing here, Header is the American term used for a manifold. That was always how I saw it.

    Yes, the AP manifolds don't have a port for secondary air injection. It maybe the case that the person you spoke to wasn't aware of the difference.

    By the way it's not F430 Scuderia, it's 430 Scuderia. Ferrari dropped the F. Maybe that added to the confusion for them...
  6. RedNeck

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    I'm not sure if the correct terminology would be "crooks" as it seems it's more of a case where they "have idiots working there". I don't believe the 2 are interchangeable as that would encompass 99% of businesses in the world, and they would all be "crooks".
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  7. arizonaitalian

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    Oct 29, 2010
    I guess it depends upon whether he was able to return the product and get a refund? I can’t tell from the OP...
  8. 360trev

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    Why don't you either : 1. drill and weld in a new port into the new headers or 2. junk air injection altogether (only used for a few seconds and basically pointless on a low mileage Ferrari) and disable the CEL in the ignition firmware? Saving some valuable weight too...
  9. radlu

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    Jun 6, 2005
    I love headers changes.
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  10. fiat

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    I have agency power on my 360 minus air injection ports, as 360 trev suggested discard air injection all together it is a useless function, you save a lot of weight by getting rid of the plumbing and neater engine bay. Mase engineering in Jacksonville fl will eliminate your cel for ever.
  11. since-15

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    Nov 26, 2008
    Any power benefits deleting air injection or is it strictly for smog?
  12. fiat

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    Strictly emission at start up
  13. ar4me

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    How? By a so-called ECU tune, turning off one or more emission monitor(s)?
  14. RichardCH

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    Richard-Mark Dodds
    did this get resolved in the end ?
  15. RedNeck

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    Jul 8, 2016
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    Maybe they just pull the bulb
  16. f355spider

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    Hugh G. Rection
    That would not be a good idea, then you would never know if some other issues are cropping up

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