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    Teddy Solomon III
    Is the ps21 really the best? I had bought the entire Zaino kit, but until I had the time I just got some Mequiers Tech Wax to use real quick. I was pretty surprised with the results. It seems to bond to the paint really well and it did a pretty surprising job on those swirls too. Is ps21 really that much better? I never did the Zaino stuff because the clay bar step and there crappy directions for it scratched the sh*t out of my formerly perfect paint job and is now going to require the use of a machine when I never wanted to have to let anything but my hands touch it!

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    Automotive clay doesn't scratch unless the paint was not clean, there was no lubricant/not enough used, or you used pressure.

    Also, keep in mind the clay is removing wax/polish buildup, so as you're claying the surface, you're removing these products from the swirls or grooves in the finish and there is the potential they will become more visible.

    This is the first time I've heard of clay scratching the finish that requires compounding and/or machine polishing to remove.

    I use the Meguiar's Tech Wax myself because my car is a daily driver with lots of miles. I need durability, easy to acquire, apply, remove, and water resistance. P21S is an excellent product and I highly recommend its use for the "weekend cars."


    P.S. If the paint was perfect, why did you need to clay?
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    Great thread. What is wrong with adding a sealant, like Klasse, M20, M21 or NXT even for its ease of use, mild cleaning and great filling properties, and then topping that with PS21 for even deeper gloss, and longer protection? Wouldn't that be the best of both worlds, deep shine and durability? I've seen it done before, but yet to try it myself.
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    Brian, let me offer you a different perspective for a minute. Forget about all the stuff you have read here, you will eventually anyway. This is the science of painted metal surface prep and care and has very little to do with Ferrari but rather the time consuming and totally indulgent passion of cleanliness aligned with perfection. You could the same with a Subaru and it would look as good. Unless you bought this car in order to clean it (quite an interesting concept really) just keep it clean (no more than a one hour job) and drive the sucker. Spend the other 26 hours it takes to to do all this exotic surface adulation with your family, loved ones or even, dare one say it...driving !
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    Top Gun Aircraft sealant - Available at Aircraft Spruce (877)477-7823
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    I can't vouch for the Zaino products strongly enough (with the exception of the Z-8 detailing spray). While I don't have a black car, or F-car for that matter :-(, my color is called black cherry pearl, and Zaino does amazing things with it. I have amazing depth, and not even the slightest hint of swirls. I follow all the tips on their website to a T.
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    One other thing to add re: Zaino. While their appearance may not have ranked first in the survey referenced above (I believe it was 2nd or 3rd), I'm going to guess that was based on 1 coat. Unlike most waxes where you get build up after a couple of coats, the Zaino waxes molecularly bond to themselves, so you can add seemingly infinite coats, thus adding depth with each additional application.
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    I use Zaino as per Sunny's and my buddy Tony's advice on my black 430 and it is fabulous .I have put 10 coats of Zaino on in 4 months (who is anal?) and the car is swirless and gorgeous.
    After the initial "Dawn wash" and the Z1 and Z2 application each subsequent Z2 polish takes about 45 min.
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    There have been excellent responses to this question.

    I usually always detail my own cars unless there is an issue that requires professional polishing.

    The P21s is really a much easier approach compared to Zaino. I know alot of people are passionate about zaino, but to me, it wasnt worth the initial efforts.

    There is also a new tire dressing available through EagleOne. It comes in aerosol and is by far better than its competitors on the shelves. Leaves a shiny yet silky look to the tires.

    Also on your rims, P21s makes a pretty gentle and safe rim cleaner. Some rim cleaning solutions, including Eagleone A-Z is good, strong, but may be too harsh on the rim finish. Over time it could cause problems.

    On the microfiber towels, you should purchase quality towels. There are different grades. I usually buy mine through
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    I'm not too far behind, with 8 coats in 4 months. I generally apply 2 coats per detailing session, and each time I tell my wife "I'm done now". But it's addicitive. I just want to see how far I can take it. The difference after coats 7 and 8 was phenomenal. I'm going to have some extra time on my hands over the holidays, so I'm hoping to delve well into double digits.
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