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Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by milstanselnino, Mar 10, 2004.

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    Jan 8, 2004
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    Jon P.
    Hello, heres the deal My Son is stranded in Lebec CA tonight. His 1990 Merc capri wont go. I will turn over, but wont fire. He disconnected the catalytic convertor, and bypassed the fuel filter. Still nothing. How long in cranking does it take to repressurize the fuel system? What happened was that he was driving along fine, stopped for something, and it would not restart. This happened in Sept when he was going to L.A. from Minnesota, and the catalytic convertor was replaced,a nd it worked.

    When he finally gets out of Lebec, and back to Glendale, does anyone know of a good mechanic? I hve no doubt that when he has funds, he will be a Ferrari driver, but he needs to start somewhere.

    Any ideas short or long term?
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    Dirty Harry
    If the local Ramada Inn fails to provide info... Cops might actually be useful... for info on who and where
    Lebec CHP Station
    1033 Lebec Road
    Lebec 93243-0792

    Once he's back in Glendale, have him pop over to:
    Franklin 76
    6051 Franklin Ave. (Beachwood & Franklin, just off Gower & 101 exit)
    Hollywood 90028
    (323) 464-5994

    The above 76 station recently got bought out - out with the old, in with the new... Mechanic too. Hallelujah.
    Vastly experienced, as he grew up in, on and around cars and car-men, (The family biz owns 4 or 5 stations now) Shawn is the Service Tech and I recommend him without hesitation. Nothing less than reassuring, as he's the Straightest shooter in L.A. - Shawn can diagnose/fix anything quickly & thoroughly while blindfolded: no hassle, no nail-biting, no wailing and gnashing of teeth by him or your Son - no rectal bleeding before, during or after he pulls out the wallet. Thanks to him, it's what a Service station should be, not sheisters - I kid thee not.

    I realize the problem appears to be fuel, but...
    Simplest: If Auto - Have him make sure the car is actually in Park. (Hey, it could happen)
    2nd: Faulty ignition switch - or - will the car start (and run only if *held*) if he holds the key in the midway between *accessory* and *start* position? The existing switch can be adjusted.

    In daylight, he can better see wires, hoses, modules and what-not, but unless I'm mistaken, it's likely he won't be able to pull codes to find out why it's not plain ol' vapor-lock or an episode of when oxygen-sensors go bad. Once he's back in the concrete jungle, as far as scanning codes goes, if he's got an Autozone in the area, they will scan for him, since scan tool has to be hooked up, as this gent indicates on question 10

    Back to wires and starting...
    Check this site out:
    Note what it says about Taurus (also true for Sables, one of which I have) starting problem (I've not experienced it, but noted this "unfixable" problem mentioned several times online - with multiple Mechanics unable to diagnose or fix the problem):
    "I can recall a Taurus no-start that drove a few people crazy. It turned out to be the EEC VPWR wire to a transmission solenoid rubbed through inside the transmission. The main problem was that the wire only shorted and blew the EEC fuse when the engine was cranking. For a long time we thought it was a starter circuit problem."

    May happen with Capris, too - who knows... good to know, regardless.

    It's a start.
  4. milstanselnino

    milstanselnino Formula Junior

    Jan 8, 2004
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    Jon P.

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