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Weirdest marketing campaign

Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by 96impalaSS, Jan 10, 2004.

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    Dec 8, 2003
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    went to and watched this one video on ifilms about this guy who calls himself Beta-7 here is his website after watching the video i was skeptical and looked up some stuff on the internet about it and it turns outt he whole thing was a hoax by sega and some weird as* marketing campaign under the principles that bad publicity is still publicity and all the videos were actually made by the same production company taht made Blair Witch.
    heres a quote i found about that.
    Another very quick search of the web brought this tidbit, from someone's blog (it's very simple to find out the truth, guys):


    I can shed a little light on the Beta-7. I'm a film student a Temple University. We just had a producer from Chelsea Pictures give a guest lecture. His name is Steve Wax. Steve told us what happened. The whole thing was a hoax designed by Sega with the help of Haxan. Haxan is made up of the guys that brought you The Blair Witch Project. At the time, it was designed to raise name awareness of "Sega" and also test the water for future advertising projects like this. Steve Wax knows this because his commercial agency company Chelsea Pictures represents Haxan."
    i dont know i thought it was pretty weird. heres one of the sites i found that talk about how this is more than likely a hoax.

    yet another

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