430 What is the torque value for the bolts on crash plate at the back of the gearbox?

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    Here are some excerpts from the email thread.

    [from Kline]

    the exhaust is adjusted at the bracket mounting points. also the position of the cats will effect the tips position, so the cats have to be installed in the correct position.
    the exhaust is manufactured to a 0.2mm tolerance, and laser scanned for quality control.

    [I sent them pictures of everything]

    I see you have the stock cats in place.

    there is a lot of adjustment, on the cross beam that mounts to the silencer flanges. you can unbolt the center flange on the cross beam and rotate it counter clockwise by a couple degrees, then bolt it back up. this will have the effect of raising the riight hand tail, and simultaneously lowering the left hand tail.

    to do this you will also have to loosen the catalyst to rear section joints, and the catalyst to rear section clamps and brackets, then everything will rotate freely. theres a lot of adjustment on the f430 exhaust, its just a case of lining it up. the reason for all the adjustment, is that the f430 generation of cars, the OEM exhausts are manufactured to really poor tolerances, sometimes they are up to 30mm tolerance errors between exhausts, so the made the brackets very adjustable to allow easy fitting on the assembly line.

    i will check the qc data on this exhaust tomorrow if you like. could you just give me the serial number on the plaque on the silencer so i can look it up

    [And they also followed up after I sent them my serial number]

    if you lower the left hand bracket after loosening the cat mounts and sleeves, that will drop the left hand tail, and raise the right hand tail. if that not enough, you can loosen the center bolts and rotate the whole cross beam, that will give you an extra few degrees, which will mean 20mm at the tails

    [Just to confirm I sent a picture of the bracket cross beam to confirm if it was the bolts on the outside or the inner ones that attach the bracket to the transmission. I also asked if the cat clamps need to be replaced if they are loosened.]

    yes thats what i mean by the center bolts. but first try lowering the left tail with the left hand side bolts on the left of the cross brace
    if the clamps are in good condition theres no need to replace them.

    I checked the QC data. everything is within tolerance.
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    Many thanks!

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