What modern supercar will hold it's value?

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    K RA
    If you had a $500k-$800k budget, which modern day car would you expect to hold its value and still give a contemporary driving experience? I'm partial to the Murcielago SV or gated LP640s, but it seems that the next level up is in the $1.5M+ range of hyper cars.
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    Carerra GT

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  4. amenasce

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    Andrew Menasce
    Carrera GT, SLR (if you buy at $250k), Murcie SV, Diablo GT.

    997 GT2 are cheap (the regular one).
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  5. absent

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    mark k.
    Your Dad's Aston V600 LM.
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    Philip C
  7. ttforcefed

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    cgt, 458 aperta, and tdf most likely - ford GT is way under 500k no?

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