What the international press has to say...*spoiler*

Discussion in 'Other Racing' started by Far Out, Oct 22, 2007.

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    Maybe we can gather some quotations. One I found very nice:

    El Pais (Spain): "Ferrari is a team, McLaren is a gang"

    Rather... interesting:
    The Mirror (UK): "A season which rescued the sport" (<- irony anyone?!)

    I really had to laugh when our local newspaper printed a picture of Hamilton behind Massa and wrote "New champion Raikkonen in front of old champion Alonso" underneath it :D
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    I like that RONS GANG..
  4. DF1

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Readers respond to the new WDC Kimi!

    All Hail Kimi, Ferrari and Massa
    Monday 22nd October 2007

    P-F1ers are brimming with praise for Raikkonen and the Ferrari team, however the general consensus is that McLaren and Hamiliton let the Championship slip.

    Got something to say?

    Forza Ferrari
    Well done all at Ferrari, especially Felipe, the real moral winner of the race. It was an excellent performance guys.

    I see McLaren are going to appeal about BMW and Williams' fuel...Mmm, they didn't appeal being let off using illegal tyres though...

    Cheap cheating bast**ds! McLaren, go home, race in GP2 or something, no-one needs cheating and pillocks in Formula One. Leave the racing to the big boys.

    Forza Ferrari!
    Steve Hodge, Bristol

    ...I cannot think of a more appropriate finish for the 2007 season!

    My deepest respect to Felipe Massa for his act of valour and sense of honour to team success.

    Hopefully the rank of F1 World Champion will include the name of Felipe Massa!
    Ray Krob, USA

    ...You have to laugh and boy, am I laughing! Ferrari are double champions and McLaren have to be content with er - NOTHING! Talk about a real Championship drive by Kimi - great stuff. Those Ferrari's were rock solid and the drivers delivered big time.

    Once again, Hamilton failed to produce and this time he only has himself to blame. No excuses coming from the team now. Only 'I'll win it next year,' he hopes.
    Bethany, Johannesburg

    ...First of all, what an exciting race that was. It was unfortunate for Hamilton to experience mechanical problems at this stage in the season, but this happens to everyone at one point or another. Some people might say that Kimi was just lucky to win the title, I disagree completely.

    This is not just one race, whoever gets the most points at the end of the season is deserving. Kimi deserves this title as would Hamilton if he had won. Great season and hopefully an even better one next year. Hopefully without all the cr*p that happened this year!
    Karlo Castro

    McLaren Have Only Themselves To Blame
    I have always been a massive Ferrari Fan and am obviously really excited that Kimi clinched the championship. The way he did it made it that much sweeter and a big congratulations to him, Massa, and the whole Ferrari team.

    I must concede that Lewis should have been World Champion. He obviously had the gearbox problem early on in the race, but I put his failure to win the Championship, squarely on the shoulders of McLaren's strategists.

    The team know better then anyone that Hamilton is very hard on his rear tyres, yet in China, the team kept him out a lap, maybe 2 laps too long. Why? So they could win the championship by winning the race. And in Interlagos, why a 3 stop strategy?

    His super soft Bridgestones were in pretty good shape under the circumstances. He should have gone for a 2 stopper, obviously not going as fast, but it would have more then made up for the extra pit stop. Next year is another year for Lewis, but being his second year, he should not just listen to his team, he should tell them when to pit depending on the behaviour of the car and how comfortable he is.

    But as I said earlier, I am a Ferrari fan.

    Anthony Pelle

    I am not a Lewis or McLaren fan and Kimi deserved a Championship by now.


    McLaren have p***ed away a few championships recently, but this one just doesn't smell right to me at all. Something made McLaren give up this Drivers' Championship this year. Could be some negotiation behind close doors? Perhaps something to do with the spy saga.

    Perhaps it's something to do with the fact that this Championship would be tainted if their driver won it. You don't just p**s away that type of a points lead.

    And the way this was done by Lewis is way too suspicious to me. Spinning out at 20Km/h on pit entry after being left on track, and losing drive for 30 seconds conveniently in Brazil doesn't sit well with me. Just all too convenient.

    Of course it doesn't hurt that the last race made great TV. Stories as we've seen this year are needed I guess to fill the M.Schumacher void.

    Sorry. I'm a Conspiracy Theorist by trade.
    Sebastian T

    He Choked!
    OFFICIAL: Raikkonen is Champion

    Lewis must be heartbroken!

    Sad, but true. A 17-point lead in the World Drivers' Championship, poof-gone! The biggest lead a driver has ever squandered.

    Your beloved Lewis Hamilton choked. "Pressure on, handle it, handle it," he fumbled, hitting the wrong button on his steering wheel, inadvertently engaging neutral.

    Plain, honest, simple and true, he choked!

    Stiff upper lip, old chap!

    A.S. Joseph, Los Angeles, CA

    Appeal Is Appalling
    This is indeed the last thing this Championship needed!

    Apart from the precedent set in 1994 or 1995, whereby the team were penalised but not the drivers, I feel that it would be quite hypocritical of McLaren to ask for a penalty to be imposed to the drivers.

    Especially since its own drivers escaped the mother and the father of all penalties after the team was found guilty in Paris.

    Just a thought!
    Lucas Biason, Leeds

    ...I cannot believe the indignity of the McLaren team - to appeal the stewards decision when their drivers were granted indemnity for driving illegal cars, and to top it all, after Lewis escaped penalty after a tyre infringement during practice!

    Lewis Hamilton is not worthy of the crown after throwing it away the way he did. Lewis, learn from Schumi: need one point, get one point - German precision!

    After 3 decades of faithfully "closing shop" on GP Sundays, I cannot believe how F1 has deteriorated into the circus it has become.

    A driver in an illegal car is not worthy of the title "champion", and if this should be the case, I will in future have no interest in F1.
    Estelle, Cape Town

    ...Considering all the information that was revealed at the spygate hearing and the fact that although Mclaren were found guilty, the drivers were not deducted any points. Therefore regarding this steward's decision appeal, I think Mc:aren should shut up, take it on the chin and regroup for next season.
    Ray UK

    ...I think most everyone outside the UK is pretty well sick of McLaren's antics this year. And here they go again, appealing Sunday's stewards' verdict following the Brazilian GP.

    Let's face it, Hamilton drove himself out of the Championship in the last two races and now McLaren thinks that he should just be handed the championship on a platter.

    Get real FIA and keep the championship where it belongs... In the hands of Kimi Raikkonen, a guy who so outshined Hamilton in the last two races! It was like watching a true professional driver against a rank amateur.
    Kim Rellahan, Helsinki Finland

    Nothing Sporting About Ron
    It is ironic that on your home page you have two titles - one which reads "Dennis Sporting in Defeat" and the other "Doubts cast over Kimi`s title as McLaren appeal".

    How sportsmanlike would it be to "win" the world chamionship by having Nico Rosberg, Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld disqualified? Justice was done last Sunday.

    How can anyone (except the naïve and biased) truly believe that McLaren gained no advantage this year from the Ferrari confidentail information in Mike Coughlan's possession?

    I feel sorry for Lewis Hamilton. He is without any doubt a phenomenal driver and will certainly be world champion in the future. He is also likable but is not "universally" liked because of his association with the arrogance of McLaren and Ron Dennis.
    Camler, Malta

    The Last Laugh
    Sorry, can you please just amend that "Dennis sporting in defeat" headline...?

    Gareth Bouch, London

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