Whats the offset on the FF?

Discussion in 'FF/Lusso/F12/812S' started by Schubert Racing, Feb 6, 2021.

  1. Schubert Racing

    Aug 18, 2020
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    I see many vendores selling wheels stating they fit all Ferraris, but knowing the FF is AWD it must have a different offset in the front than other Ferraris. Anyone know the exact offset?
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  3. vraa

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    Oct 31, 2003
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    Mr. A
    8.5x20" with offset 46.5
    10.5x20" with offset 53
  4. Il Co-Pilota

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    May 29, 2019
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    The FF does not have 4wd. The 4RM system is front assisted rwd.
    Not sure why you think the FF would have a different offset because of this?

    Anyhow, to state that they fit all Ferraris are silly. If they have custom offsets and the correct weight rating, sure. But it is worth noting that Ferrari switched PCD with the 599/458Cali and up.
    All cars prior are 5x108.
    New cars are 5x114.3.

    What are you looking for?

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  5. ANOpax

    ANOpax Formula Junior

    Jul 1, 2015
    The Netherlands
    Also worth noting that the only Ferrari wheels rated for the axle loads of the FF are Lusso and FF wheels. Anything else isn’t technically strong enough - although nobody has broken their F12 or 458 wheels on an FF yet...

    If you’re buying custom, make sure you get the manufacturer to quote the max load rating of the wheels you’re buying. The FF axle loads are 998kg front and 1330kg rear which means that you need wheels rated for at least 499kg on the fronts and 665kg on the rears.
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  6. Schubert Racing

    Aug 18, 2020
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    Any car that has drive in its 4 wheels is a 4 wheel drive car, excuse the redundancy. I wasn’t trying to get technical about how the 4RM works or other AWD, 4WD, etc, systems.

    Usually cars with drive in its 4 wheels tend to have lower offsets than cars with drive in 2 wheels.

    Also different platforms have different offsets, thinking out loud that the FF could share with F12 or 812, would still make the front wheels offset to be different because of the 4RM system and I just wanted to confirm this information.

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  8. ingegnere

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    Sep 12, 2004
    It’s true that cars that have driven front (steered) wheels have greater positive offset (higher ET number). For reference, “deep-dish” wheel will have a negative offset. The positive offset is used so that the drive thrust is applied close to the steering axis in order to reduce torque steer.

    Few cars have deep dish wheels these days—probably having to do with the design objective of having a zero or negative steering offset at the tire contact which increases braking stability and reduces steering effort—so that’s why FF wheels will fit other Ferraris that are not front wheel driven.
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