What’s the Sweet spot for # of Ferrari’s or Exotics??

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by plastique999, Aug 25, 2019.

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    Dodge Challenger Demon - daily driver
    Ferrari 458 spider - fun exotic
    Lincoln Navigator - wife’s car

    Now if I had unlimited funds I would have a huge garage with probably 14 cars. I would then drive a different one every day to keep them all in good shape.

    Warehouses with 150 cars make me sad because they are not being driven.
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    Ok if pinned down to the minimum.. one "needs" ;
    A vintage front engined Ferrari. Daytona is the standard go-to. Anything older than that qualifies if not automatic..
    A semi-modern no-holds barred nut job exotic like a F40, 50 or above. (Porsche Carrera too).
    A more rational daily exotic like a 458 Specialle or Scud.
    A guilt free open race car for the street like a built Caterham or Atom.

    Thats it for minimum exotics.
    You can have more enjoyment with this collection actually driven than the King/Shaw/whatever of Brunei and his mothballed hoard.
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  3. plastique999

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    I like this...
    I need to work on a vintage V12 F car...
    I used to have a 211 for the track...was fun as all hell
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    Just one. More than that you don't appreciate the first one you bought.

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    . “Sometimes”. Unfortunately, I’ve bought cars which turned out to be duds for me. Hence, the search turned out to be more fun than ownership. Then selling (still under ownership) is a pain these days.

    But no doubt, ownership, particularly the driving part, has been the most fun.
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