360 Where is the factory Amplifier located on the 360?

Discussion in '360/430' started by mahlerfree, Sep 15, 2020.

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    I am talking about 360 versions without the sub-box behind the seats.
    I removed the head unit and speaker and didn't find any.
    I've also been browsing the parts diagram and never seen any amp listed.
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  3. Bob in Texas

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    Others can correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve only seen two options, radio alone or radio with an amplifier in a leather tray suspended under the a/c controls. So that would mean if the amplifier tray isn’t there then the radio itself powers the speakers.

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    Bob is absolutely correct.
    You have a PM (private message, a new conversation).
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    Previous owner had a 600 W amplifier with separate base control installed professionally in the trunk, and 2 10” sub woofers behind the seats. Cost was close to $10k with most of the cost coming from fabrication. They did an excellent job...but I’ve used it ~ couple dozen times over 7 years of ownership. down...Tubi...who needs a radio?
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