Where To buy Fila F2004 Ferrari Shoes?

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    Hello everybody, does anyone know where I could buy a pair of the new Fila Ferrari f2004 shoes in a size 13. I currently have been wearing my f2002 shoes everyday since 2002 and they are as you can imagine beginning to wear out. I know that there is a pair on eBay but they are a size 10.5. If anybody has any idea where I could buy a pair for under 100$ I would greatly appreciate it. Also does anybody know if they will even sell them in the US because I went to the Ferrari store last year when I made the pilgrimage to Maranello and they had them but they were 130 Euros and a lot of people I have been talking to on eBay said that they do not know when shipments will arrive or if they ever will. Thanks in advance for any info.
    p.s. Here is a picture of the ones on eBay
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