Which cars use the Weber-Marelli P7 ECU

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by sjb509, Jul 15, 2004.

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    Here's an interesting one for any expert out there that might know.

    I've read that the F40 used a Weber-Marelli model P7 ECU, and that several other cars from that time frame also used this control unit, although I have been unable to actually determine which cars (make/model/year) have used it.

    I have one on my Ducati as well, and spares for the Duck are hard to come by, and as with most things to do with motorcycles, they are expensive.

    I haven't had any trouble with the ECU yet, but they have been known to go bad without warning and I'm trying to find a backup plan if disaster strikes.

    Does anyone know how I could cross over to an automotive P7? If so, how much? At this point I assume that all P7's are the same connector-wise, and I'd just have to drop in my EPROM chip.


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