Which one? F430, Calif T, or 458

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by KingFishMB, Nov 1, 2017.

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    I have owned all 3 (458, f430, 488), and all red spiders. And there is a significant improvement on everyone. I still like them all, and don't think you will be disappointed with anyone!!
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    Eddie Rodriguez
    Can you give an example?
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    I was all set to buy a 360 and at the last minute got cold feet because inside it seemed awfully cramped and I wasn't that comfortable on a long drive. I like more space and the V 12's give me the space. I also prefer not to be stared at too much. So to me the best advice would be to buy the car you like and to hell with what others think of it.
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    depends on which car.
    the pagoda was bought for 20k. the 512tr was bought for a derisory figure. the bbi was bought for 140k, but then through insurance issues had another 70k put in it using opm, the f40 was bought for a very low number. etc etc.

    i just buy them when nobody else is paying attention. i also buy strays that appear less than good and bring them back to par.
    i have lost money on many cars, but have made more on the winners.

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