Who here has tried the Michelin PS2 18" on the 360?

Discussion in '360/430' started by marcmc8867, Feb 22, 2008.

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    I've read previous threads on the Michelin PS2 being slightly off-sized for the 360 in the 18" sizes....but I'm not seeing many people who pulled the trigger on the PS2s

    I currently have the Michelin PS which I've liked. Their specs:

    215/45/18, 21 lbs, 25.6" overall diameter, 8.1" section width, $287
    275/40/18, 27 lbs, 26.8" " ", 11.0" " ", $305

    Set cost: $1184 plus shipping from Tirerack


    225/45/18, 21 lbs, 25.9" overall diameter, 8.9" section width, $229
    275/45/18, 27 lbs, 26.5" " ", 10.9" " ", $301

    Set cost: $1060 plus shipping from Tirerack

    I don't mind the minor (<1% differences in overall diameter) and doubt that the section width difference is enough to make a difference.

    That said, I know Tirerack really discourages using the 18" PS2 on the 360.

    My question is, have any of you installed the PS2? If so, any issues to speak of? How have you liked them?

    I currently have the PS and have liked them but I also really liked the PS2s on my e60 they're surprisingly cheaper than the PS's. Surely someone here has pulled the trigger on 18" PS2s...

    Hope to hear from some of you!

    Thanks in advance.
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