Who leaves their F1 in neutral while parked in the garage?

Discussion in '360/430' started by caymangone, Apr 28, 2019.

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    I thought I read in the manual that it was preferable to put the car in neutral, set the parking brake and step on the brake pedal as you turn off the ignition. That's what I do. I have no aversion to setting the parking brake as my 360 gets driven at least once a week. But I understand that the brake can be a little sticky if set for long periods of time.

    Solution to this: drive and enjoy your Ferrari regularly.
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    I recently took delivery of my first Ferrari (‘08 F430) and the delivery guy (from a Ferrari dealer) advised me to put the car in neutral, and set the parking brake before turning it off. Then upon startup the car is in neutral and ready to go. There is a long beep on key-off and initial key-on with this process, but he said it can extend the life of the clutch. After reading this post it seems like personal preference.
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    I also leave it in neutral when parked in the garage. I also pull on the e-brake (unlatched) once in a while when coasting to give the pads a chance to set in with the wear of the rotors.
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    In gear and no parking brake.
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    Silent Noiz
    I follow the owner's manual and shut the car off in 1st gear. I don't use the parking brake in my level garage, but do use it when parked anywhere else (that has a slight grade or greater).

    I don't think there would ever be an issue with the car lurching forward for some reason when starting it when left in 1st gear (if the car didn't shift it to neutral for some reason)...I can sit on a level surface in 1st gear with the car running with no brake and it doesn't lurch/move forward.
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    Terry H Phillips
    Yup, several owners have had their Ferraris lurch forward when in 1st gear and trying to start with a low battery. The OM says to put her in neutral for starting. Not like that is something difficult to do.
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  7. becausephilchow

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    Aug 26, 2016
    I always put mine in Neutral before I turn the car off. Never had any issues at all.
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    Craig Rundels
    I usually keep mine in 1st but regretted doing that when my F1 pump went out. It was impossible to put the car into neutral for towing. The car had to be put on dollies to get it out of parking and onto a flatbed. In most normal cases though I think it is preferred to leave in gear when parked.

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    Dan L.
    Thanks everyone for sharing your preferred parking method.

    Mine is simple, I follow the Owners Manual. That is, set the car on 1st gear or R before turning the engine off, then also set the parking brake before exiting the car. This is for ultimate safety.

    Then to start the engine pull on both paddle shifters to set the gear in neutral, ensure N is displayed before pressing Engine Start button.

    I was born and raised, and trained not only safety first but safety always.

    If you get into a habit of leaving the car in neutral and not setting the parking brake on and then leave the car just please make sure your parking spot whether at home or visiting a friend or at the Mall or side street, or anywhere is perfectly flat and level.

    Just ask my former neighbor. His garage floor was not perfectly level. Make a long story short his car rolled out of his garage and landed across the street damaging his neighbors house. Luckily no one got hurt and it's not a Ferrari.

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    As a decades-old driver of 3-pedal cars, I would always put the car in neutral when parked -- except on an incline when 1st was selected and the parking brake engaged.

    The surface of my garage is level so neutral is routinely selected when parked therein. No need to set the parking brake.
  11. 67bmer

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    Oct 28, 2015
    You should ALWAYS park your car in neutral!

    Just because its a Ferrari, does not mean it will not get hit in a parking lot, depending on how/where you park it.

    I have dismantled several BMW transmissions and have found a single chipped gear tooth! That comes from getting hit while left in gear.
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    Terry H Phillips
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    Okay, I guess there's now a consensus on what to do: Leave the car in gear or in neutral before you shut the car off. Then, apply the parking brake or do not apply the parking brake before you exit the car. Then, to start the car, either leave it in gear because the car automatically shifts to neutral, or put the car in neutral yourself. Got it! ;)
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    Jerry Ng
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    Park in 1, no? If I’m not wrong , the car will force start in neutral regardless
    Don’t think it’ll do much wear to the car in either scenario, my idea has always been parking in 1 gives it one additional layer of “brake” in case of weird freak accidents. Heh

    I think another aspect to consider would be tuning your habit. If you always park in 1, when you actually take the car out , you’re more likely to habitually park in 1.
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  15. PVEferrari

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    You hit the nail on the head! ;-)
  16. tazandjan

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    Terry H Phillips
    Or you could actually read the OM. No, never mind, dumb idea.
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    cant wait to see how many posts this thread gets!!!

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