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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by 400SPYDER, Mar 28, 2005.

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    Ecclestone loses his wheels

    LONDON (Reuters) - Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone lost his wheels at the weekend after thieves struck outside his London home.

    Newspapers reported on Monday that the billionaire's new silver Mercedes had been jacked up and left on two wheels.

    "It's a real nuisance. It was only the first night I had the car," Ecclestone told the Daily Telegraph after the theft early on Saturday morning. "They probably think they can sell the wheels and make some money, but they probably can't."

    The Times said the car, a CLS55 AMG V8, was the first of its kind in Britain.

    It had been an eventful week already for Ecclestone, 74, whose Formula One Administration (FOA) company reached an out-of-court settlement with three banks in a legal battle for control of the sport.

    One of the banks, BayernLB, said later that Ecclestone had effectively given in to all their demands.
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    Stig W
    Awww, shame....... (said in my most sarcastic voice)
  3. barabus

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    And now silly Bernie says he wants Renault to win the championship...ha ha ha
  4. steve f

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    well ferrari aint doing right good
  5. reggie

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    Great picture of the car and Bernie in the Daily Mail today, page 3, really is a great shot ! Well worth the price of the paper, even though it is the Daily Mail
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    Don't know about that Reggie, I might go and read it in the shop though. :)
  7. KenC

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    It was wrong then as I saw one in Scotland on Monday at a Merc dealer there. It was black and was awaiting delivery to a certain Chelsea player. It was stunning. I know its just an E class in drag but it had tremendous presence.

    He quoted a three year waiting list for the AMG, however, had a
    a May build 500 and June build 350 available. Interestingly the saleasman said that you could generally get quicker delivery of sought after cars by ordering in Scotland as opposed to the South East. Out of interest does anyone know if there is a waiting list in the SE for 350/ 500 CLSs.

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