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Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by need4speed, Feb 5, 2004.

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    A lot of neighborhoods don't allow the owners to park Boeing 707s outside
    their homes, which is why actor John Travolta moved to Jumbolair, near

    OCALA -- It's not just another housing development, as you can tell by the
    1.4-mile airstrip and the Boeing 707 parked next to one of the houses.

    Located in the Central Florida town of Anthony, just north of Ocala, it's
    called Jumbolair, and it's the new home of John Travolta -- '70s TV phenom,
    film superstar, Oscar-nominated actor, sex symbol, accomplished pilot,
    doting husband and father.

    After several years of whispers about his building a house here, the
    49-year-old actor has taken up residence in his nearly completed mansion.
    Travolta is flying daily from Ocala to Tampa to shoot "The Punisher," an
    action movie based on the comic book, set to be released next summer. A
    lifelong love of aviation holds the key to Travolta's decision to build at

    Travolta owns at least two jets, a Gulfstream and a huge Boeing 707B.
    Simply put, there aren't very many non-commercial airstrips where planes of
    that size can take off and land. Jumbolair, with its long landing strip and
    massive jet wash berms at either end, is one of them.

    About a decade ago, Travolta had a home in a fly-in community near Daytona,
    but was sued by neighbors who claimed his jet airplanes were too big and
    noisy for their facility.

    The very layout of his new house is testament to Travolta's love of flying.
    It's located immediately off the main airstrip, and is designed so his jets
    can taxi right up to two outbuildings connected to the main structure,
    which is shaped like a squat air-control tower. Travolta literally can walk
    out his door, under a canopied walkway and into the cockpit, open the long
    mechanized gate and be airborne in a matter of minutes.

    According to the Federal Aviation Administration pilot database, Travolta
    is qualified in several types of single- and multi-engine aircraft, and has
    the highest pilot medical certification possible.

    "We know that Travolta's an accomplished pilot. ... A lot of people fly for
    the pleasure of it, and he's one of them," said John Clabes, an FAA
    spokesman. "If you have this many ratings on these types of
    high-performance aircraft, you're obviously a good pilot."

    In layman's terms, Travolta has enough experience flying large multi-engine
    jets that he could easily switch to piloting commercial airliners for a
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    Jonas H.
    HE's nuts :D
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    repost from a long time back.
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    Gives new meaning to telling the kids to go out and wash the cars on Saturdays...

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