Why must people drive like a-holes

Discussion in 'New York Tri-State' started by ramvfin2003, May 26, 2008.

  1. ramvfin2003

    ramvfin2003 Formula Junior

    Feb 19, 2007
    Bergen County, NJ
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    Well we all know Memorial Day brings out the popo on the Parkway, Turnpike etc...but why do people still feel the need to drive like a-holes. My wife and I were driving back North on the NJ Turnpike last night around the exit 6 area. Had the top down on my CLK 55, going with the flow of traffic in the middle lane at about 80mph. Some punks in a charger are up my butt highbeaming me so I switch lanes, he still gets behind me and continues to high I am all up for speed and having some fun, but not on a busy Turnpike on a holiday weekend when you have to worry about every other guy on the road possibly having one to many at the bbq!!!

    Long story short this goes on for a few minutes, but I refuse to go at it with him. Finally he flies by me and him and his little buddies all give my wife and I the finger. Fast forward a few minutes and we get pulled over by a state trooper. I was pissed. Officer was very understanding, gave him a description of the car that was riding my butt and everyone elses. Lets me go with a warning, first time I got away for speeding by a trooper. Few miles up the road, they got the kids pulled over who were driving the Charger. Now I hate a rat as mush as everyone else, but a few young kids who I am sure were out partying it up all day driving like jackasses I dont feel bad for at all. This is how s%*t happens all the time. Who knows maybe by being a rat, I saved someones life or a family!!!!

    Just venting :)
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  3. wax

    wax Four Time F1 World Champ
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    Jul 20, 2003
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    Dirty Harry
    Quality vent and outcome. Nobody should annoy, harass or offend your bride like that, so, Rat Patrol is the correct response. You move to the next round, as well as those who were spared grief of any description, and so do the young'un Chargers, who have to an$wer for their $tupidity.
  4. Bavarian Motorist

    Bavarian Motorist Formula Junior

    Apr 10, 2007
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    Why were you pulled over? Were you upset about what happened and then got your emotions up and drove faster? Just wondering.
  5. 1969 Mangusta

    1969 Mangusta Formula Junior

    Sep 15, 2007
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    I would have called their plate in for a hit and run, and consequently get their car stolen and burned. But hey that's just me. I have a loathing for people who go out of the way to impinge on my right to be left alone.Especially when I am minding my own business as I am sure you were.
  6. Ciao Bello 348

    Ciao Bello 348 Formula 3

    Oct 3, 2005
    The Garden State, US
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    John C
    Youre not a rat, bro. If it's me or the next guy (and he's a stranger) IT'S THE NEXT GUY.

    Never rat out your friends. Everyone else is fair game.
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  8. 993 guy

    993 guy F1 Rookie

    May 21, 2004
    Bergen County NJ
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    Eric D
    #6 993 guy, May 26, 2008
    Last edited: May 26, 2008
    You're far from a rat...some may say you're a hero as you could have saved a life by letting the police go after the "right" offender.

    Bottom line is most of us like to drive fast, but safely driving fast is very different from being reckless and/or a menace. I recently called the police on a bunch of kids screwing around in their fathers new BMW 550. They were speeding down my street and ended up unsteering into a corner and smacking the curb. They did significant damage to the car (and curb) and the police showed no mercy.

    I have a feeling the drivers father also showed no mercy as he had to come and pick the kid up with his friends in tow. That's a lot of overtime at the McD's to fix a wrecked Bimmer.

    Bottom did the right thing.
  9. Bavarian Motorist

    Bavarian Motorist Formula Junior

    Apr 10, 2007
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    So did the police think you were the idiot driver in the Charger? Still a bit confused :)
  10. ferraridude615

    ferraridude615 F1 Veteran

    May 4, 2006
    Got yourself out of a ticket and got some brats in trouble, nice job. Why can't people be civilized while they drive, its not that hard.
  11. ramvfin2003

    ramvfin2003 Formula Junior

    Feb 19, 2007
    Bergen County, NJ
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    No, the cop just happened to clock me right after the charger incident. So when he pulled me over, I told him I was speeding because of this car, kids highbeaming etc etc etc....
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  13. ducowti

    ducowti Formula 3

    Jan 27, 2008
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    Don't feel like a rat. I've seen a few incidents of similar driving characteristics that result in clipped quarter panels that lead to loss of control and ugly consequent events. You did the right thing and I've done it before. Last week I dropped a dime on a drunk leaving a bar at which I had lunch. Guy was a d*ck inside as he was leaving, then nearly ran over my foot as he drove over 4' of curb turning onto the street. Drunk drivers should get phookd IMO.
  14. Bavarian Motorist

    Bavarian Motorist Formula Junior

    Apr 10, 2007
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    Definitely made the right move.

    I present to you all this video which might change how you view driving in general and more particularly, the idiotic drivers around us.
  15. Prugna 328

    Prugna 328 Formula 3

    Sep 10, 2003
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    Good vid. Thank you. Im going to sit my 2 sons down and make them watch it.
  16. 3604u

    3604u F1 Veteran
    Silver Subscribed

    Sep 27, 2004
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    You did the right thing ..

    they could have killed someone... or themselves!!!
  17. Wayneee

    Wayneee Rookie

    Apr 14, 2006
    Northern, NJ
    You did the right thing. They gave you the finger, no mercy needed here.

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