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    I just got a new press release from Wieth Racing:

    Wieth Racing 2004

    Stepec and Balandras signed for the French GT
    Kaufmann signed for FIA GT.

    After a year of hard work in 2003 Team Wieth Racing could not afford a lazy wintertime. Wieth Racing is happy to have Steve Ridgers as the new Engineer in their team. Steve was the chief engineer of Team TMC / Veloqx in the FIA GT where they became Champions in 2003 in NGT- class. He was the chief development engineer at Team Cadillac in the ALMS and lots of other Teams including Formula 1 in the 80`s . Several modifications to their 550 have been done. The suspension system and the front aerodynamic have been changed massively. ATS will bring a 12.5 inch front rim which allows the use of bigger front tyres. Those changes should eliminate the permanent understeering problem the team had to struggle with during the past season. Further changes have been realized at the engine position., cooling system, etc…

    Right now Wieth Racing is preparing 2 cars for the 2004 season, the chassis that ran in the FIA GT last year and a new one. Both cars will have the latest technical specifications. Also the engines itself , that already proved to be extremely powerful and reliable, will get a new evolution step by Mauro Foghieri`s Oral Engineering.

    Wieth Racing signed Richard Balandras and Thierry Stepec to run the French GT Championship. Richard and Thierry made 4 podiums in 2003 in the Cup Class which was full of high professional drivers.

    “ We are very happy to have Thierry and Richard in our Team, they are both very good drivers and keen on winning, so are we. Last year was a season to test, the car was completely redeveloped after a horrible 2001. The car improved a lot over the year, although we have not been able to manage all the necessary changes during the season we managed to make some points. Now , not at last with support of our new engineer Steve, the car should be very competitive and we are aiming for some podiums! “, Niko Wieth says.

    Niko Wieth: “ Wolfgang Kaufmann signed for the FIA GT and we are looking to find one or two drivers who match the pace of Wolfgang. Vittorio Zoboli, who made 6 rounds with us might do some of the races but that is not signed yet. We want to have the second car in the FIA GT for some rounds as well, but we still did not find the drivers for it.” The team hopes to do the first tests with the new car by end of February. Besides the technical matters, also some drivers will be given the chance to get an impression of the improved 550.

    Drivers, interested to run the new Wieth Racing 550`s in the FIA GT or FFSA Series can still contact the team (Office +49 8153 98 45 50 or Mobile +49 170 801 821 0)
    The prospects for the team seem to be very good for 2004!

    Helmut S.
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